DIY: How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

DIY: How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow  : Hi lovelies, Recently i’ve had a few makeup items break on me, a Sleek and MAC eyeshadow and a MAC MSF *sigh*. After I bought my 5 liters of 99% isopropyl alcohol I thought it was about time I got round to fixing them. I know theres loads of tutorials for repressing eyeshadows but I thought i’d share.How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

to Fix Broken Eyeshadow You will need:

– Broken pressed makeup items ( eyeshadows, pigments , blush)
– 99% Alcohol in a Dropper 
– Cotton Buds
– Tissue/Fabric (I used a muslin cloth)
– Sandwich Bag
– An array of Objects that fit the size of the pans

DIY - How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

1. Mush up the eyeshadow lumps with a cotton bud to a smooth powder.
2. & 3. Add drops of alcohol until it forms a paste like consistency.
4. & 5. Place your object in your tissue/fabric and firmly press onto the eyeshadow for a few seconds.
6. The finished product. I thought the muslin cloth would give a good indentation. 
How to fix Broken Eyeshadow diy
7. & 8. & 9. I broke up the eyeshadow the same as before but placed a sandwich bag over it to prevent the eyeshadow from flying everywhere.
10. & 11. I wiped the packaging with my cotton bud and tapped it to save the product.
12. This eyeshadow is from the MAC Mega Metal collection so its double the size of the regular eyeshadows so I had to use the lid of my Inglot gel eyeliner.
easy way to Fix Broken Eyeshadow
13. & 14. Add some drops of alcohol and stir with a cotton bud till it looks like the picture above.
15. & 16. I wrapped another section of the muslin cloth around the pot and pressed firmly for a few seconds.
17. & 18. The finished products.
How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow easy tutorial
MAC Comfort MSF repressed, a TRESemme hairspray lid was the only thing that fit.
All three were left overnight for the alcohol to evaporate off and dry.
 My muslin cloth is perfect again after being in the wash and the eyeshadows and bronzer have brilliant pigmentation. So I’m quite happy with the overall result and being able to use them again. Unfortunately there are a few makeup items I won’t be able to fix. I’m so glad i’ve moved my my makeup from where it was.
Has anyone broken a makeup item recently? 

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