DIY Headbands

How to Make Your Own DIY Headband

DIY headbands remind me of those headband-wearing snobs in teen movies and series where they always look flawless and pretty with their hair accessories. The most famous, as we all know, is Queen Bee of the Upper East Side herself,  Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, who wears headbands like a crown. Although hers were probably designer, it doesn’t stop us from getting inspired by her glamorous fashion diva image. With just one headband, your life could change in unexpected ways. Whether it’s day or night, you’ll certainly look more unique with a spark.

There are different kinds of DIY headbands. Some are as elaborate as the ones we saw on the Dolce and Gabbana runway and others are quite simple and very easy to make. For those who want to save on splurging or just want to get creative, we gathered som tips, steps and inspirations for a fun DIY headband project.

1. Pretty Knot Band. The basics? An old t-shirt with a nice color and scissors. Cut wisely, evenly and carefully.



2. Jewelry Headband. Looks better when it shines. Make sure string is not easily broken.


3. Boho Band. When you’re up for hippie fashion, here’s a style you shouldn’t miss. What’s the good news. You can create it yourself with the help of gorgeous fabric. Want to look more vintage? Try floral print fabrics.





4. Ribbed Headbands. For embellishments, you’ll need appliques of your own choice. Beads, fabrics, flowers made out of ribbons- you name it.


5. Lace Headband. All you need is a plain headband, fabric stiffener spray and a beautiful piece of lace to complete this sophisticated hair accessory. No sweat, not much effort- this is what we love about DIY lace headbands.


6. Braided Band. The secret to creating any DIY headband lies in choosing the best colors and materials. The success of it is proven on how long that headband lasts so you’d better make sure all ends are secure and will really stay in place.


7. Flower Headband. When you want flowers to be the main thing on top of your head, try putting it on a headband as embellishment.