DIY Hair Mask with Coconut Oil

DIY Hair Mask

Hey ladies! If you have dry hair from heat styling tools, or just from skipping the regular trim, I have a solution for you.

Sure, you can go spend $30+ on a macadamia hair mask, or you can make one at home for as little as $8. The miracle product we are going to use today is the belovedĀ coconut oil. I got mine from Safeway, but I’m sure you can get your hands on a jar at just about any drugstore. Also, try and pick one up that says “unrefined” on it, but if you happen to have one that says “refined” like mine, it will still work just as well.

DIY Hair Mask2

If you have never played around with coconut oil before, the consistency is pretty solid. Once it touches the skin, it melts into an oil. This hair treatment will be easiest if the texture is more of a liquid than a solid, so I recommend either warming it up in your hands, or popping the jar in the microwave for a couple seconds.
First, start out by brushing your hair. Your hair will be so much easier to work with, and the result will be much better if there are few tangles in your locks. Then, gather as much coconut oil as needed (depending on the length of your hair) and work it into your hair from about ear-level to the ends. You want most of the product to be focused at this area, instead of the roots so that your hair won’t be greasy and excessively oily. Whatever is left on your hands can be massaged into your scalp. Never scratch at your scalp when massaging; it is best for the hair to massage with the fingertips to prevent breakage and irritation.
DIY Hair Mask3
Then, once you are finished distributing the oil throughout your hair, put it into a bun on top of your head, wrap a shower cap around it, and tie it off with an elastic. After that, let it soak in your hair as long as possible, and wash it out in the shower with shampoo, followed by conditioner. Your hair will feel amazing; I promise!! Do this once a week and your hair will be as healthy as ever.
I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY Hair Mask; and don’t worry, there’s plenty to come.
What’s your favorite hair mask? We’d love to know!


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