DIY Earrings For Your Fashion Statement

Different Types Of DIY Eaarings

DIY earrings must be stylish and unique as every girl always wants to stand out looking beautiful and perfectly dressed. Check out our how-tos for each DIY earring pair and try making some for yourself.

1. Fabric Button Earrings. To choose your own fabric design, you may find your own or shop for nice fabric buttons at the store. You’ll need a cover button kit, fabric swatches, earring posts, jewelry glue, nose pliers, scissors, marker, and needle.

Make a stencil and trace circles on the fabric. Cut them out. Now, use the buttonmaker and place the fabric at the middle over the top (rounded side) of your button and press down into your button cover tool. Wrap the leftover edges of the fabric on the backside of the button, then push it  into place with the button cover tool. Next, remove the hook from the back of the button with needle and nose pliers. Use the jewelry glue to attach earring posts to the buttons. There you have it!



2. Ear Cuffs. When you’ve got enough of the danglings, ear cuffs may be more your style this time. For a simple, quick and easy DIY ear cuff, follow these steps on the picture.


Here are more decorated samples of ear cuffs.





3. Bobby Pin Earrings


4. Ribbed Hoops. The new thing about hoop earrings is how you elaborate its design with more embellishments. It could be ribbons or strings or beads that you can add on to each pair to make them look great.


5. Dangling DIYs. Chandeliers and tassles and whatever ear-dropping pairs you have in mind never go out of style. Beads, chains, and anything you can add to an earring design are applicable. Don’t forget the hook and pliers.





6. Studs. Move aside the pearls and diamonds. Studded earings with floral details, animals, and other objects are now in. Think you’d look childish? Oh no, you won’t. It’s all about picking the right pair to match your outfit.



Some earrings are so big that they almost dangle on the studs. Welcome to the age of drama despite the minimalism and ease that modern technology offers. The more situations get outrageous, the more fashion becomes extravagant. Nothing could go wrong with over-the-top when you know you still look right.