DIY-able Gifts for Mothers Day

bbtMother’s Day has come and gone but in case you weren’t able to give mom the special day she so deserved on the weekend, it’s never too late to do it today. And while you’re at it, why not plan a good gift for her as well? Now, I know not everyone has the luxury of blowing some cash for a grand Mother’s Day gift but that doesn’t mean you can’t give mom something she’ll love. Here are some DIY-able gifts for Mother’s Day that won’t burn a hole in your pocket but is still guaranteed to make the most special woman in your life smile.

  • PAMPERING TREATS – she’s worked so hard all her life just to give us everything we need and want so why not make this one day all about her and make sure she’s pampered. It’s the least you can do to make sure her rest day is worth it. DIY bath salts, bath bombs and other bath luxuries are all over the internet. Beauty treats like face masks and hair masks can be made from scratch using ingredients already in your home. You can also get creative and make her a pamper kit instead.

pamper kit

No idea what to put in that pamper kit? Here are some ideas to get you started.

pamper treat

Check out these easy recipes for homemade beauty treats.

  • A CUTE FLORAL ARRANGEMENT – bouquets are so last year. Give mom something more cute and functional like a cute contemporary floral arrangement in something more creative like a mason jar or maybe even a cute little wreath she could hang up somewhere? She’ll surely love the fact that she won’t have to go searching for something to place all the gorgeous flowers in.

flowers in mason jar

Here are some really cute ideas for mason jar flower arrangements.

floral arrangement in standees

Click here for the tutorial.

  • BAKED GOODIES – moms are usually the ones who bake the good stuff but as a Mother’s Day treat, why not bake something for mom? She’ll definitely love to indulge herself in something that, for once, she didn’t have to work hard on.

bake for mom baked cookies

  • MODERN BOUQUET – got a mom who’s got a sweet tooth? A chocolate bouquet might just be what you need to brighten up her day. If you know momma’s into all sorts of bits and bobs, it’s time to hit the thrift shops to look for cute little vintage brooches that you can turn into a bouquet. Think of something she likes and turn it into a bouquet. It’s a great gift idea for any mom who loves practical gifts.

bouquet of brooches

Not sure where to get started? Watch this cool tutorial on YouTube.

candy bouquet

Click here to see how it’s done.


  • SOMETHING CUSTOMIZED – all those generic “MOM” gifts are pretty and all but if you’re going to go for something ‘customized’, why not go all out and really put mom in there? It could be a piece of jewelry stamped with her name on it, a photo cube with all your favorite pictures of her, a DIY locket with her picture and yours in it, anything that will make her really feel that it’s especially made for her.

customized photo block

Here’s a more detailed tutorial on how you can make this amazing DIY.

customized photo pendant

Check out the original blog post for everything you need to know to make this DIY.

So you see, it really doesn’t take much to make mom happy. In fact, I’m sure that just letting her know you remember her on days like these is enough to put a smile on her face.


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