Disco Palette from Props Tools & Cosmetics Review

Hi guys here is my Disco Palette from Props Tools & Cosmetics Review!

I would just like to show you the swatches of the Disco Shimmer Palette that I recently received from Props cosmetics for review purposes.

1 Disco Palette

Thanks to Ms. Janine of Props for sending me this Beautiful Palette!

2 Disco Palette  inner

If you haven’t seen my previous post about Props Cosmetics and its Affiliate Program as well as the other promos. Please click here.

3 Disco Palette  closer view

I fell in love with this lovely palette the minute I opened it.
The Disco Shimmer Palette contains 32 eye shadows in shimmer and satin finish, great color combinations for highlighting, shading, and contouring for a perfect smoky look!
4 Disco Palette  the round side
Moreover, there are 2 Bronzers and 8 Blusher shades in satin and matte, so it’s quite a bang for your buck, as it retails for only PHP870 less the 15% discount for Affiliate’s ongoing Promo! Hurrah!
It has a Great selection of e/s color from warm to cool shades that aren’t glittery.
I love the color and texture. However, there are 4 light shimmery eyeshadow and 1 blusher that needs a heavy hand to make it show.
Enjoy the Beautiful E/S Swatches:
5 Disco Palette row1 swatches 6 Disco Palette row2 swatches 7 Disco Palette row3 swatches 8 Disco Palette row4 swatches
There’s 5 matte blushers, 3 satin blushers and 2 bronzers
Swatches Below:
9 satin bronzer and blusher
In this row there are 4 satin finish and 1 matte (3rd pan Hot Pink)

The fourth blusher is a very light coral pink in satin finish that needs a heavy hand to make it show on the face. While the others are very opaque, so you need to apply them lightly to avoid the clownish look. I like the Medium Dark Bronzer on this row, the shimmer is not that visible when applied.
The color also varies from the lighting and flash photog. 
What I like most from this Row is the 1st, 3rd, and the Bronzer 5th pan.
11 Medium Dark Bronzer
Here, 2nd Row, the First Pan is quite shimmery for my liking, the rest are matte.. all are beautiful!
The blushes in this palette feels lovely on the skin. They’re light as a feather, blend easily, and have great color payoff. Beware of the three darkest ones, however, if you are of a lighter skin tone.
A Little goes a long way with these blushers.
What I Love…
  • It’s inexpensive for a good amount of product.
  • Pans are pretty big loaded with pigmented shadows and Blusher.
  • Great selection of colors from warm to cool eyeshades and blushers! You can find a perfect shade no matter what your skin tone is.
  • Almost all the colors go with each other, you can make so many different look with this one palette.
  • It has a good color payoff and can last longer with a good eyeshadow base.
  • There are shimmery and satin eye shadows; some medium and dark colors aren’t too shimmery, I find them great for contouring as they give some extra depth to the crease area.
  • I got no allergic reaction or any breakout
  • The shadows and Blushers are well housed in a good sturdy case.
  • Available locally.
What you might not Love..
  • Some of the light shades are somewhat frosty looking in flash photography. However, I find them great for overall lid wash, and highlighting.
  • You can’t find any matte shadows from this palette since it’s a shimmer palette. Makes sense LOL
  • You may experience some fall-out on few shades, if you’re not careful.
  • The palette has no mirror.
 I am extremely pleased with this palette.
The color selection of the eye shadows is a dream. It has warm and cool shades, gold, bronze, brown, yellow, green, blue, pink, white, gray, and purple. Each shadow is about the size of a 1 peso coin and the blushes are considerably larger.
The shadows and blushes are of good quality, and the price is a regular steal.

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