Diptyque Mini Pink Roses Candle Review

Diptyque Mini Pink Roses Candle Review:

& a quick peek at my Christmas tree!

You know you’re turning into your mum when you start buying candles. Scented ones, non-scented ones, tea light, mini, normal or giant ones, it doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure it’s candles one minute, a cat menagerie the next.

You know what though? I don’t care. Carrie from Sex and the City burned Diptyque candles and she’s not my mum – I don’t think. As a bit of a fun birthday treat for myself, I “accidentally” wandered into Diptyque’s Marylebone store, had an enlightening conversation with the girl there, and came out with these two mini candles: Baies and the supposedly-limited-edition-for-Valentines-Day-but-likely-permanent Pink Roses candle.


When I bought these, the question I posed to the girl there was, “Why are Diptyque candles so special?” I should have taken notes because she was really knowledgeable, but essentially what she said was:

  • They will last a long, long time. A full sized candle should burn for about 60 hours.
  • The burn is clean, right up until the end – it isn’t uneven and you won’t get a wasted build-up around the edges like you will from a lot of other candles.
  • Each candle is handmade from natural fragrances and ingredients (where possible – they do make one or two from synthetic blends and she explained which ones and why but I can’t remember!)
  • The scent. They’re subtle, but will fill the room without being over-powering. Also, even without burning, they’ll lightly scent your home.

What can I say, she sold me…



The way we smelled the candles was by taking the candle out and putting our noses in the jar. I didn’t like the spicy scents or the overly woody ones. The first candle I smelled and fell in love with was Baies. Turns out it’s their most popular candle and one of the first ones they came up with.

Baies is a fruity, floral combination of blackcurrant and rose and for me, it smells floral without seeming overtly flowery – if that makes sense? It’s an interesting smell. Sophisticated, girly, but without being obvious.

I didn’t mean to pick up Pink Roses but pink things are an industrial magnet for my wallet. So is anything that looks even vaguely limited edition. Diptyque themselves describe this darling as, “An armful of tender, changing roses that lightly evoke the world’s most universally loved flowers.” Doesn’t that just make you melt?

Essentially though, Pink Roses is a rose scented candle. No funny business, no orange, vanilla, other flowers. It’s simple. Clean. And smells like a rose should smell.

I have it burning right now. I find it helps me write…

Ah yes, my Muji Christmas tree. Do you love it? It’s a bit DIY and eco without really being either of those things. My Diptyque candles sit right underneath it.

I guess the question I had when I was buying the candles was whether or not they would live up to the hype. Short answer? Yes.

I love a company that produce products that live up to their promises.

  • They really do burn cleanly. I trim the wick like they suggest, and I burned them both for 2 hours the first time like they said, and these have looked almost as beautiful when they’re not lit, as when they do.
  • The smell is subtle, but you can still tell it’s there. I love that about these – I’ve burned candles before that have been super-strong and headache-inducing, but Diptyque candles do none of that.
  • And the packaging? So chic and stylish.

And if you’re wondering why I bought the mini candles and not the full-sized ones, it came down to two things.

  • Money. The smaller ones were half the size, and half the price (ok except Pink Roses, which was £5 more expensive than Baies for the same size – but that’s fine with me because did I mention it’s pink? PINK.)
  • A short attention span. I have a small apartment, and I want to try different smells. I can’t have one candle lasting me 60 hours when I want to buy more!

Australia: Baies: $99AUD for the full size – it doesn’t seem to come in a mini. Pink Roses: Not available in Aus until March 14. No price listed on Mecca Cosmetica.
UK: Baies: £38 190g / £20 70g / Pink Roses: £25 for the mini – it doesn’t come in a larger size.
USA: Baies: $60 190g / $28 70g / Pink Roses: weirdly not available, but you can get a mini Roses candlefor $28.

ps: You can by my Muji Christmas Tree for £14.95 (large), and £12.95 (small). Pictured is the large, and you’ll have to buy your own lights if you want them.

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