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Diorskin Nude Glow in Aurora review and swatches


Skin's Natural Glow in Aurora

Originally it had been a toss up between this or Chanel’s new bronzing/blush/highlight powder from either of their latest limited edition summer collections.

Both looked amazing and I have to say Chanel was firmly in the lead looks wise until I got a chance to swatch them.

Surprisingly their new Moisturising Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing powder is a bit of a let down, the pigmentation was poor, the four colours were too close to use individually (defeating the object) and most importantly when applied the tones were just so wrong on me.

Both shades were muddy and didn’t give the natural bronze glow effect I crave from a bronzing powder so I hopped along to the Dior counter to check out their new Healthy Glow Summer Powders instead.
Skin's Natural Glow in Aurora1
Thoroughly impressed and wowed by Dior’s offering I walked away with the lightest of the two shades, Aurora, which has left me somewhat speechless, making writing this review pretty tricky!

You see the only word that comes to mind every time I see, think about and use Dior’s new compact is STUNNING, but for the purpose of this post I will of course try to elaborate some more.
Skin's Natural Glow in Aurora2
Encased in silver the compact is simple and sophisticated in design complete with a large mirror for touch ups on the inside.

Unlike most powder product packaging the mini brush it comes with which BTW is very soft is not housed within the case instead it’s home is a little pouch in the blue, velvet cover.
Skin's Natural Glow in Aurora3
I almost swoon every time I open this compact and see its beautiful, delicate pattern. Beachy bronze is woven intricately between a pretty peachy tan and a subtle soft pink. 
Skin's Natural Glow in Aurora4
Diorskin Nude Glow  in Aurora swatches : This is a powder that is meant to be swirled not separated so it was hard to swatch the shades individually as they are pretty minute.
Skin's Natural Glow in Aurora5

At the top is them all together, then below is the matte pale pink, the matte mid-tone brown and last the bronze with a slight shimmer.

Although the swatches above look a little on the orange side this is not the case in real life, Aurora adds a beautiful peachy tan to the skin, very natural and subtle which now leads me perfectly onto formulation.

The consistency of this powder is like non I’ve ever tried before, its extremely light, almost weightless and feels like satin to touch which makes applying it effortless and in turn allows an amazing finish on the skin.

Pigmentationwise it’s payoff is a happy medium, not so pigmented that I need to tap off the excess from my brush and blend but nor do I have to literally scrape it out of the pan to get some colour, this is a product that can be easily built to suit you.
Skin's Natural Glow in Aurora6
Pardon the picture above but I’d just had my eyebrows waxed and was looking a little worse for wear but at least you can see Aurora in action and that’s all that matters, right.

I have no blush on at all in that picture, just Mac’s Harmony powder as a contour and then Aurora on my cheeks and face to add some colour and a slight sun kissed glow.

I usually have to use another bronzer with shimmer on my face after contouring and then a blush so I love that this combines both those steps as essentially I am a lazy person and to me the less products I use in the morning the better.
Skin's Natural Glow in Aurora7
Bottom line Dior are on fire right now.

It’s funny, they were a brand I rarely looked at before but now their products form some of my everyday staples, Singuliere Addict lipstick( wearing here), Dior Nude concealer and now this.