Diamond Candles Review

Review: Diamond Candles – Bling, Bling, I got the ring!

Hey girls!
For Christmas, we do a family $25 gift exchange. I was lucky enough to pick the gift, which held a Diamond Candle. I nearly shrieked when I saw what I got. No one else cared because they didn’t know what it was but I was pumped! It was the gift my cousin Valerie gave me who also watches Youtube and reads beauty blogs.

Diamond Candles

Some of you may have heard about Diamond Candles before. Basically you get a lovely candle, and when it burns to a certain point, a foil will be exposed holding a ring worth $10, $100, $1000, or $5000. Every candle is a winner. 😉 Each candle is $24.95

Diamond Candles-2

These are all natural soy candles with a bunch of different scents. I got Fresh Snow scent, which is lovely. As you can see in the picture, when you see a foil exposed, you ring is almost there. Just let it burn a little bit more and when you can see the full foil, blow out the candle, let cool, and remove pouch with tweezers.

Diamond Candles-the ring

After unwrapping the foil, there will be a ring in a little zip lock pouch. Remove and enjoy! The ring I got was of $10 value and you can know this buy looking inside the band of the ring. If it has the words “Thailand” or “China” then it is of $10 value. If it says 14K or something similar on the inside, it is worth $100 or more. At this point, you can take it into a jewellery shop to get it appraised to see if it may even be in the 1000’s.
I am very happy with my ring, I think the gold and pink adds a vintage look to the ring and will be a cute accessory to an outfit. 
Overall, I think these candles are awesome because it gives you something to look forward to while burning your candle. I also think that it is a great deal because no matter what you are getting a minimum of a cute $10 costume ring as well as a good quality candle. And if you’re lucky, who knows, you might even get the $5000 ring! Check these candles out at www.diamondcandles.com
Let me know if you have tried these and what ring you got! 
-ariel* xoxo

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