Dermaline Facial Treatment Procedure

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Sorry, if I don’t post updates of my daily regimen regularly, I mostly stick to one that really works for me. There’s a lot of different beauty products today making some promises and creating such well-crafted
advertisements, that it is so confusing to choose which one really works. But, if you have a severe case of acne due to genes or hormonal imbalance, it is wise to consult a genuine dermatologist who can prescribe proper medication or the best acne treatments for your skin condition.
I know most of you have second thoughts of going to derma clinics ~ this is because some overrated and upscale clinics have hefty price tags attached to their services. Some would also thought that a visit to a derma is just a waste of money and not seeing one will save them from unnecessary expense. But self-medication may cost you even more if it backfires on you.
This is why I want to share my experience with DERMALINE MAGALLANES. A very inexpensive facial clinic with excellent quality treatments.
Not all Facial clinics are expensive and not all the affordable ones are rubbish and crappy. It doesn’t matter how expensive or how popular the name is. What’s important is to find out if their treatment is proven, can really heal skin problems and stop them from recurring. And once you find what works for you, stick with it until your pimple-free!
So, again I would like to share my facial treatment which I have been undergoing for about 2years now at Dermaline Clinic Magallanes. You can also avail their lifetime membership for PHP500 (approx $11)  with a free skin care vanity kit. You can also get 20% off on some of their Acne skincare products and 50% off for any skincare procedure on your birth month. They also allow you share your membership privilege with your family and friends. . Dermaline Acne Facial Treatment will only cost you Php450 (approx $10) for Mild, Php550 for Moderate, Php600 (approx $15) for Severe Acne Treatment.
Here’s my Dermaline Mild Acne facial treatment with Re-affirming Mask (for oily sensitive skin) :
Deep Cleansing, Skin Exfoliation, Moisturizing
They thoroughly Cleanse off the dirt, exfoliates with 3 different kinds of rotating brush all over your face with medicated products. Moisturize- while you’re on a warm mist to allow your pores to open up. It will facilitate easy removal of blackheads, and whiteheads through Pricking.
1 Deep Cleansing, Skin Exfoliation, Moisturizing
Another deep cleansing method is the Vacuum suction– it removes impurities, blockages and increasing the skin’s natural function. Also, improves blood circulation and skin texture by reducing dead skin.
2 Vacuum suction
Vacuum Suction- treats dry skin, and removes blockages.
We all use a lot of make-up so cleansing is not really enough to remove the excess dirt, blackheads, white heads. It is important to remove these stubborn stuffs with a proper tool and competent facialist. Removing them prevent the pimples from coming out and re-curring. However, improper pricking and squeezing of blackheads/whiteheads/zits can bruise the skin and can cause infection- leading to more serious skin problems. I must say that Dermaline’s Facialist are all competent to do the pricking. They are all knowledgeable and professional. They don’t put too much pressure that could deepen those blackheads– so there is no risk of skin scarring. I like not just the kindness of their facialist but also their competent hands that massage and do the pricking expertly but lightly.
3 Pricking
Hot and Cold Compress
This method helps to relax and alleviate any discomfort from pricking. It can also prevent the formation of inflammatory substances, promote blood flow and induce proper healing.
4 Hot and Cold Compress
Casmara Re-affirming Mask
We knew that facial mask greatly benefits skin. There are variety of Casmara masks available that you can also check here: Some can draw out impurities, others infuse the skin with moisture. All casmara mask are based on algae extracts that provides excellent toning and muscular stimulations due to its cold effect~which I am loving so much.
It has some detoxifying, oil absorbing, and moisturizing ingredient that I can really notice. It is Suitable for all skin types and especially for oily acne sensitive skins with dilated pores.
Since it was my birthmonth, I availed 10 sessions of their Acne Treatment with Casmara Re-affirming Mask for PHP550each (approx $13) that’s after 50% discount (original price is PHP1,100/ $25 for Acne treatment, with Casmara Mask, Biopthron).  Great Deal, right?
You can check CASMARA’s official website here, it is pricey though. Thankful that it is offered at a reasonable cost here in Dermaline Philippines.
5 Casmara Re-affirming Mask
Casmara Re-affirming Mask 2020
High Frequency /Laser
Another great method- HF helps to kill harmful bacteria and other infection, stimulates circulation and helps the skin to absorb skincare products and/or other topical solution.
It is a high frequency machine generates a current that is transmitted to the skin through a glass electrode. It is used to treat acne and to assist in massaging aging skin. It also helps to heal an open lesions or extraction from pricking. It has a warm sensation while having a relaxing effect on the skin.

6 High Frequency Laser

It is a polarized light therapy that produces rapid results on chronic skin problems like heavily acne face, hard-to-heal wounds, scars to prevent keloids, and more.

I find it effective and I’m glad they have it in DERMALINE inclusive in all facial treatment.

7 Biopthron

Overall experience:
I’ve had years of experience of getting facials, (since my college days the most horrible breakout nightmare that I ever had.) I find Dermaline as one of those good quality yet affordable acne facial treatment out there. My skin is feeling good, looking clear, and appearing more hydrated.
Though, it’s still best to get rid of MINOR ACNE thru natural method and with the right attitude.
I’ve learned that the more you get obsessed and stressed about how your skin looks, the more pimples/zits are popping up! So, Be confident, take it easy and follow your acne skin regimen.
Before you knew it, your skin is clear, healthy, and pimple-free! Have Faith!

Hope you like this post !

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