Denim Trends for Summer

Denim is a heavy fabric that’s perfect for the cold seasons. Although this is the case, you can still rock denim under the scorching summer heat. Look good – and feel cool too – with these versatile denim trends for summer.

Stun in a Skirt

Denim trends for summer should not restrict your movement. They should not make you sweat too. So if you want to achieve these fashion goals, then opt for button-front denim skirts made of lightweight fabrics. Button-down skirts are all the rage nowadays, as seen on the likes of Alexa Chung and other savvy celebrities. Pairing such skirts is relatively easy, as you can look impeccable with a crop top or a loose tee.

alexa chung button-front skirts

midi denim skirt short button-front skirt

Be Cool in Culottes

If you are a trousers person, then you know the dilemma of wearing jeans in the summer. You need not forsake your fashion beliefs though, as culottes make for refreshing denim trends for summer. These breezy, wide-leg pants are perfect for most summer occasions, as they can cover your legs without making you sweat a lot. Pair your culottes with a crop top or tank top for a stylish yet minimalistic look.

dark denim culottes light denim culottes

Jump in Jump Shorts

If you want a unique, youthful look for summer, then a pair denim jump shorts is what you need. These denim trends for summer can invoke a girlish look – in a polished and more refined way. Since it can get really hot outside, jump shorts can be worn with crop tops, tank tops, or tube tops.

alexa chung denim jump shorts denim jumpshorts

Keep it in a Kimono

While summer days are generally hot, some nights can get a bit nippy. So if you are not certain about the temperatures in the place you are headed to, you can be safe by covering yourself in a denim kimono. As one of the newest denim trends for summer, a kimono is one of the most versatile pieces you could ever have. Not only is it appropriate for summer, it is indispensable for autumn and winter as well.

printed denim kimono denim kimono

White is Right

Denim trends for summer need not necessarily be confined to the blue color spectrum. If you want to look fresh – and feel fresh – then go for white denim pieces. Perfect examples for this season include a white mini skirt, white cut-off shorts, even white overalls. While pairing it with darker items can help balance the look, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for lighter colors. After all, these hues can make you feel (and look) cooler.

white denim shorts white denim skirt white denim jumpsuit

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