Denim Trends for Spring

Denim is a classic staple that traverses all seasons. But since the cold seasons are over, you need to switch your autumn/winter denim pieces in favor of the new denim trends for spring. Here are some pieces that you need to incorporate into your spring wardrobes:

Raw Hem Jeans

Skinny jeans and flared jeans might be your go-to pairs, but if you want to create a fresh, new look, then go for raw hem jeans. These denim trends for spring are considered ‘out of the box,’ since most ladies are obsessed with clean, structured looks. Raw hem jeans come in a variety of washes and styles, from skinnies to wide leg versions. But if you want to look best in denim trends for spring, choose raw hem jeans in cropped styles.

raw hem denims

raw hem jeans raw hem skinnies

Fringe Jeans

If raw hem jeans are too ‘mild’ for you, you can push the boundaries even further with fringe jeans. Since the fringed ends can be lengthy, it is best if you chose denim trends for spring in a shorter length. Not only will this expose the retro-feel fringes, it will save you from the possible accident of stepping on them.

fringe denim fringe end denim fringe jeans

Colorful Trim Jeans

Denim trends for spring usually focus on ‘unique’ ends. Apart from raw hem and fringe jeans, another way to spruce up your outfit is to go for colorful trim jeans. The ends can range anywhere from ladylike lace to bright red pompoms. If you want, you can create colorful trim jeans on your own! This is actually a great way to revitalize the old jeans that you have been keeping for so long.

lace trim jeans pompom jeans

Patchwork Jeans

Plain, single-wash jeans can be boring at times. If you want to be as eye-catching as the denim trends for spring, then include patchwork jeans in your shopping list. It’s an attention grabber by its own, given the variations in color, gradients, and textures in the jeans. Should you go with colorful patchwork jeans, tone down the top by wearing plain garb. You don’t want to be all over the place.

patchwork pants patchwork jeans patchwork denim

Two in One Jeans

Popularized by the label Vetements, two in one jeans correspond exactly to what the name suggests – two different denim styles in one. The French label’s version is popular for its uneven hems, front and back seams, and unique ‘behind’ details. While it’s tempting to purchase these denim trends for spring, Vetements jeans can be quite expensive. It’s not necessary to splurge on these denim trends for spring, as you can always purchase similar jeans with more affordable price tags.

vetements vetements jeans two in one jeans

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