Delightful Ways to Give Old Denim Shorts a Makeover

Denim shorts have always been a staple in our summer wardrobes which is why it wouldn’t be so surprising if you ended up with more pairs than you would need at any given time. I mean, it’s just so easy to keep buying them because you know you’ll always be able to use them but then the old ones get pushed to the back and they rarely get used unless they really fit so perfectly well on you. Instead of keeping those old denims unused, why not breathe new life into them and do something really creative that would make you want to wear them again? Here are some ideas on delightful ways to give old denim shorts a makeover.

  • Add lace – denim and lace makes the perfect sweet and casual summer combo. Adding lace to your denim shorts can make them look more girly and feminine so you can wear them with dressier tops. For those of you out there who can’t work a sewing machine (I can’t too, I feel you), you can simply use fabric glue to attach lace to your denim shorts. Sewing them on would be better, though, because they’re less likely to come off after a few washes. Click here for an easy denim and lace shorts tutorial.

cute denim shorts with lace

denim lace shorts lace trim shorts

  • Stud it – love pulling off the cool rocker chic look? Instead of buying new shorts to match your look, why not make your own? It’s really simple. Just add studs to an old pair of denim shorts and you’re good to go. Adding studs is super easy and there’s no sewing required so everyone can make a pair of studded shorts easily. You can make a pattern with your studs or you can scatter them randomly all over, it’s all up to you. You can also mix and match different stud shapes and sizes and maybe even add spikes to make your shorts look even more kick ass.

cute studded shorts outfit kylie jenner studded shorts gold studs on denim shorts

  • Dye it – dyeing your shorts is one of the easiest and most creative ways to give old pairs of shorts a new look. It’s one of the cheapest methods, too. What’s great about dyeing shorts is that you can create so many different looks so that no two pairs would look alike. You can try tie-dyeing your shorts, dyeing it ombre or doing a plain color. Here’s a video tutorial on how to dye denim shorts.

bleached denim ombre shorts bleached ombre denim shorts teal to white ombre shorts

  • Embellish them – another cute and creative way to make your old shorts look new is to add embellishments on to them. Embellishments can be anything from beads to rhinestones to sequins, chains and anything else you have on hand or anything you can get from the craft store. Depending on the kind of embellishment you want to add to your shorts, you’re going to either sew them or glue them on. Check out this tutorial for embellishing denim shorts with cute little craft crystals.

faux crystal embellishments festival embellished shorts diy embellished denim shorts sequin embellished denim shorts

  • Distress them – for a really cool street style look, you can also try ripping and distressing your shorts are you would your boyfriend jeans. Be careful when distressing old and used denims, they tend to rip quicker than newer ones. Also remember to use a sharp blade so you can get the best results. Here’s a tutorial on how to distress denims.

bf style jean shorts distressed shorts outfit distressed denim shorts

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