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Delicious Darphin Review

Hi there pretties! Here is my Delicious Darphin Review…

A while ago a fellow blogger, who is also a PR intern (I think – oh god I hope I got that right!!) for Darphin and Aveda, sent me some Darphin goodies to try out. Now I’ve heard of Darphin and even witnessed in a hotel where the products were used in the spa (many moons ago lol) but had never actually used them, so after a little speaking to Nisha about my skin and how I feel about it she sent me 2 products from the Arovita C range and an eye gel.

I didn’t really know what to expect from these products but I incorporated them into my (then) daily routine and I’ve actually noticed a huge difference in my skin. When I published my initial post detailing how I would use them, I think I had already been using them for a week or two and had begun to notice a difference even then, which was impressive, and these results keep getting better.



Delicious Darphin Arovita C Range

So, what do they do? Well my understanding is that the Arovita C range is ideal for any skin type that is also concerned with ageing; I’m a typical combination skin most of the time with oiliness along my ‘T-Zone’ and dryness across my cheeks, with my neck being normal. However, I do suffer the odd breakout on my chin and along my lower jaw, which I know is hormonal and will never change. So my skin needs something that will not only be hydrating for my cheeks, but also help to maintain my neck area, as well as being light enough for my ‘T-Zone’, and I have to be honest this range is very good at delivering on these.

The serum will last for ages I think, as I’m still only one third of the way through, plus 2 pumps is plenty for the whole face and neck, so this baby will last you a good 3 months I reckon, maybe a little longer. It should be used in the morning underneath your moisturiser but can also be used in the evening for a more intense treatment. It contains 94% natural ingredients, and contains no parabens, mineral oils or animal derivatives.



The Darphin serum when I put in my palm

The moisturizer is to be used after the serum in the morning only, but provides no UV protection, so make sure you get your SPF30 on afterwards! This cream actually scared me at first because it’s quite rich in texture and I thought to myself ‘oh god, this is gonna make me feel so greasy’ but actually it absorbed into my skin super quick and my skin felt quite matte afterwards but still nourished and moisturized. I was nicely surprised. What I really like about this product is the fact it comes with a tiny spoon to take out what you need (which again, is very little – we’re talking a pea sized amount tops!). The key ingredients here are vitamins C and E, which are needed for collagen production and provide anti-oxidant properties respectively; Siegesbeckia Orientalis Extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the skin; and Noni extract, providing more anti-oxidant qualities. 



Delicious Darphin Eye Gel

I have to admit that using these 2 products together on a daily basis really has softened my skin and changed it’s appearance for the better; for example, I feel it looks clearer and brighter, and while I don’t credit all of these changes to these 2 products alone I do believe a good moisturizer and serum/booster/gel/oil makes a huge difference.

As for the eye gel,, it’s more of a creamy gel that feels really light but like it’s doing something. 95% of the ingredients are natural with the key ingredients being walnut extract and caffeine. Now I have no idea what the benefits of walnut extract are, and I’ve searched the internet and my cosmetic ingredients bibles so feel that’s possibly a little pseudo-science to baffle you into thinking its a rarely used ingredient that is supposedly uh-mayzing! – Not convinced. However,  the caffeine really is key here because research shows that it can actually prevent wrinkles as it decreases the inflammation that causes collagen damage. I’m lucky because at 26 I’m wrinkle free and I’d like to keep it that way, so this was something I was impressed with as it was quite cooling upon application and made my eyes ‘feel’ awake. 

Overall, I am thus far quite impressed with these Darphin products and would recommend them. However, whilst the products haven’t been tested on animals, there is no mention of the ingredients and they are owned by Estee Lauder who do not rule out animal testing when they feel it is appropriate.

(for those of you who are wondering, no I don’t use them anymore I’m giving them to my mum because I think she will love them!)

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