Deborah Milano Shine Creator Lipstick

Here is my review of Deborah Milano Shine Creator Lipstick !


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Lightly Swatched

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Deborah Milano is an Italian cosmetic company that was originally created in 1903. It has thrived for 100 years to achieve the best cosmetics. This company produces makeup, skincare and even Men’s products. 

Last week I was sent a lovely lipstick by the company Deborah Milano. I had received the Shine Creator in shade 1. Shade 1 is a beautiful nude brown with what looks like in the tube glitter specks. However once applied the shimmer isn’t noticable at all. When swatched it looks very sheer but if you layer it, the colour shows up a lot more. The feel of the lipsticks on the lips itself reminds me of Revlon lip butters, as the texture is similar. It is very moisturising and gives you that sheer colour as well as. It is not the best product for its longevity but most moisturising lipsticks aren’t. The lipstick has a vanilla cupcake scent which is fairly similar to the scent of MAC lipsticks, it however isn’t overpowering or crayon-y.

The packaging is just one of the things I have a love/hate relationship with. The shape is different to many lipsticks you see in the market, making the product look very sophisticated. I also love the colour of the packaging, which does not make the product tacky at all. The one thing I dislike about the lipstick is that the lipsticks do not have any names. Why do companies do this still?! I love when companies think of witty names for their products and this gives them a little character. There is also a sticker on the lid with the shade number on as well as the bottom. I think the sticker on the top of the lid looks tacky and there is no need for the shade number to be on the product twice.

Other than this, I love the lipstick. It is a product I would wear daily and with its SPF 15 it is safe to wear in the sunshine. It is reasonably priced at £8.50. I would definitely consider trying the other lipsticks in the line. If you are wanting a look at the makeup Deboarah Milano have to offer you can visit their website here.

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