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Dawn Spencer Hurwitz La Rose Fleurette Fragrance Review

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz La Rose Fleurette Fragrance Review

In my very first order with Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (DSH); she very generously included two extra sample vials. One of these was La Rose Fleurette; described on the website as delightful, blushing and flirtatious.

This rose is sweet, fresh and young smelling – like a bud that has just bloomed, where the petals are still full and silky. It opens with a fresh, watery tea note and then blooms into a garland of roses. According to the DSH website there are many types of roses included in La Rose Fleurette including Centifolia Rose Absolute, Damask Rose Absolute, Egyptian Rose Geranium and Moroccan Rose Absolute to name a few. This is full blown red roses at their best!

Many people tend to find rose fragrances old-fashioned and traditional but I don’t really understand this. A bright, dewey rose, to me, has radiance and youth beyond many other flowers out there. Maybe it’s because I grew up in my grandmothers garden; a veritable patchwork quilt of multi-coloured rose blooms and the scent of rose reminds me of my youth.

As La Rose Fleurette winds down there is a wonderful base exuding golden warmth in the form of honey and heliotrope; which gives the most delightful powdery almond smell. The honey is rich and sweet but doesn’t completely take over from the roses; it’s floral til the very end.