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Dark Red Hair Color – HOW TO PULL IT OFF

dark red velvet hair Ariana Grande

Confession: I have a bit of a girl crush on actress/singer Ariana Grande. She just is so cute and talented, and I love her unique dark red hair – which has been described as “red velvet cupcake” hair. Thinking of venturing into red velvet land? Keep these pointers in mind.

red-velvet hair-ariana-grande

Decide how you’re going to do it. While dyeing your hair at home is doable, it is less risky to go to a salon to get it done professionally. If you do go to a salon, bring pictures of the red velvet hair color you would like the most. But be warned, this look is not a look for everyone. If you have darker features (hair, eyes, eyebrows, etc.), then there is a good chance you will be able pull it off. If you have light eyebrows, skin and hair, this look can be a bit too harsh.amazing red hair

So you took the plunge and joined the Red Velvet Club. Yay! As a caution, you might not be the biggest fan of it at first. When I dyed my hair this color back when I was in my teens, I got a shock every time I looked in the mirror for almost a week. But then I loved it. Now if you do hate it, you can always change it back. But be warned, it’s very hard on your hair to go back to a lighter color from a darker one, so keep this in mind before red velvet-ing yourself up.

red velvet hair

Now the key for making this look pop: makeup.

– Play up the red velvet by brushing a subtle mossy-green shadow or taupe across your lids, and finish with a reddish-brown eyeliner above your top eyelashes.
– Use a rosy cream blush to give cheeks a dewy, natural-looking flush.
– Keep lips soft with nudes or pinky browns.
– Finish off with black-brown mascara and an auburn eyebrow pencil.

cute red hair

Now that you’re a new redhead, you may have the question of what colors to wear. Red hair looks fabulous in green as well as ivory. Consider warm shades of orange and brown. Peachy pink, violet, blue, aqua, beige, green, camel, and golden yellow are top choices. True pink and bright purple partnered with red hair offer an eye-catching clash that makes a real statement.

rock style red hair winged eyeliner deep red hair

red hair and bright lips deep red hair and makeup