Daniela Ramirez: How to Look Trendy but Not Over-The-Top

Having a basic knowledge of styling and balancing out your outfits will emphasize your best features and hide certain flaws but don’t go overboard. In order to look stylish, you must look elegant and coordinated. Since fashion trends are a whirlwind and not keeping up with them can make your style look outdated, let’s have an inspiration on how to look trendy but not over-the-top.

burgundy leather pants

From Caracas, Venezuela, Daniela Ramirez started blogging in 2009 on a blog called Fab Chic and Fit which was only in Spanish. After a couple of years of sharing her looks and daily tips, she decided to launch Nany’s Klozet to expand her readership by writing also in English. Her blog Nany’s Klozet is a personal bilingual style blog where she shares her daily looks, beauty tips, and her travels. Daniela defines her style as feminine with a twist like being trendy but not over-the-top, and being wearable but not boring. As for Daniela, fashion should be fun as it is not about being materialistic or narcissistic but just a way to express.

To look really stylish, wear clothes that flatter your shape. Pick for those that make you look slimmer and in perfect height, with everything in proportion. Many women look sloppy because they wear clothes that don’t fit. As wearing oversized will actually make you look heavier than you are, not hanging too loose or binding too tight clothes are a better option. By doing this, you’ll get that elegant and expensive look from your clothing in an effortless and simple way.

red leather skirt with crop top leather jacket with basic outfit

You can make simple clothes look expensive and elegant by opting for pieces of hard-to-fake luxury items made from leather, wool, or even fur to take your wardrobe up a notch. Daniela matched her leather items like a jacket and a skirt with trendy outfits like a graphic shirt and a crop top. Remember, having a limited number of expensive-looking items is preferable than having a large number of cheap-looking items.

blue bag and shoes with all white outfit polka dots blouse with leather dress

Like Daniela, you can create an interchangeable collection by letting the pieces match with each other. Daniella matched the color of her bag with the color of her shoes in a neutral and yet trendy outfit. Or, if you like, you may match the color of your shoes with the motif of your outfit just like wearing black-and-white pumps in a black-and-white polka dots and leather dress outfits. By doing this, you’ll get dressed based on comfort, instead of being limited by style combinations.

orange shoes with trendy outfit pink pants with a crop top red pants with leather jacket

Also, a pop of color in your outfit looks trendy but not over-the-top as long as you keep them the focus of your outfit. Daniela opts for bright colored shoes, bold colored pants, and a pastel colored trousers one at a time. Also, she didn’t clash the bright colored item with another bright colored piece but instead keeps the interest in her style by keeping the balance and proportions.

colorful blazer with trendy outfit colorful floral pants cute blue blouse with trendy skirt red printed skirt with gladiator sandals

Wearing colorful print pieces is a great way of adding some color and fun to your style. Just avoid clashing prints though it’s a major trend, it can make you look overdone. Like Daniela, you may pair your colorful print pieces with neutral and muted shades so you’ll look effortlessly stylish in wearing prints without trying too hard.

striped pants with chambray top tartan print skirt with a crop top tartan shorts with leather jacket zebra print dress

Also, wearing classic prints in a moderate way keeps your style timeless and stylish. You may avoid busy prints and textures but instead stick to classic prints like animal prints, tartan, stripes, checks, polka dots, houndstooth, plaids and such. Classic prints won’t make your outfit look outdated as these tend to be in fashion for always as classics never go out of style.

structured bag with aviator sunglasses fedora hat with gladiator sandals

Fashion accessories can change the look and style of an outfit. You may opt for a wide-brim hat, structured bag, sunglasses, belt, statement shoes, and chic jewelry to create a stronger fashion statement and draw attention to your outfit. Remember, it is easier to have accessories that conform to the latest fashions and trends like hats and gladiator sandals. And wearing them in a balanced way gives sophistication and style to your plain outfit.

Looking stylish needs balance and coordination with your outfits. As what Daniela showed us, looking trendy doesn’t involve wearing expensive designer clothes, but being tasteful, confident, and comfortable in your style choices. Be effortless in your fashion style and look trendy but not-over-the-top.


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