Daily Essentials

Daily Essentials

Anyone in education will know that April is one of the worst months.. especially at University. all your deadlines are suddenly around the corner and then there’s the looming fact that your exams are in the next month.. being a first year i cant really complain about my workload because i have seen the amount that third years have to put up with and i can honestly say that i am NOT looking forward to that. however, rather than focus on my work that is due in tomorrow and next Thursday i am here, procrastinating like a pro… so i kinda thought i would talk to you about a few of my go to products on a typical day. when im tired and sluggish on my way to uni in the *afternoons* (no morning starts over here!) so i have a few every morning essentials as well as some random things that i need to help me actually get up… the struggle is insane..

Things i need: Green Tea, Face Powder, Vanilla Body Spray, Eyebrow Pencil, Lip Products, Bronzer, My Phone

Green Tea: i am like everyone else, when i wake up i need tea to wake up. however, i drink green tea instead of brewed tea because i prefer the taste and the better health benefits. the one i use is the tetley green tea with lemon ๐Ÿ™‚

Face Powder: the one i am currently using is the above sleek luminous powder, however, it is not my first choice and is rather a product i am hurriedly trying to use up before i can go back to my trusted collection face powder. however, on rushed days i can quite happily leave my flat with just powder on my face, therefore this is always a essential for me

Vanilla Body Spray: this one is from natural collection (boots own) and i love it! vanilla is by far one of my favourite scents and so when i am in a rush this is always my go to in order to make sure i smell good. it also cheers me up knowing that even if i look like crap i smell nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Eyebrow Pencil: this pencil is fast becoming the best thing in my life. i have never loved my eyebrows like i do using this pencil from rimmel. it is so inexpensive and after seeing copious reviews of it i finally bit the bullet and got it. it blends with my eyebrows amazingly and makes them look so natural.. i use this everyday and always have to fill in my eyebrows. i wear glasses on a daily basis and so my eyebrows are important for defining my face… so i never miss this step

Lip Products: the revlon lip butter above in wild watermelon is just one of many lip products that i use regularly. i love lipstick and so for me i love having colour on my lips. i find it really makes you look awake and ready even if you had only woken up 20 minutes ago.. also if you didnt have time to do a lot of makeup then go for a bold lip… it not only makes your lips stand out but it definitely increases your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself that day

Bronzer: my favourite bronzer is the bourjois chocolate bronzer gifted to me at christmas from a friend. it smells amazing and is the perfect colour for my cheeks. i have big cheeks with noticeable cheekbones. therefore, although i dont need to add this step everyday it definitely is one of my favourite parts of applying makeup

My Phone: i need my phone at all times.. its a source of music which i need to survive boring cold mornings and it contains all my social networking that i feel i need to check daily and as soon as i wake up in case ive missed anything major

thats it guys! i hope you liked this post and stick around for more to come ๐Ÿ™‚

i really need to go back home and get my nice background back for pictures.. uni desks are so cluttered

*as a little of topic subject.. i am planning on doing a few University posts leading up to September and when i go back including workload management, Money saving, Whats in my uni bag, and Revision help… if there are any more that you guys want to see then let me know so that i can work on them pretty early on…