Cute Ways To Wear A Midi Skirt

For the ladies who just can’t decide between miniskirts and maxi skirts (trust me, I know how it is; miniskirts are too short but maxi skirts are too long), a midi skirt might just be the piece you need to get your wardrobe right. Midi skirts are perfect because they’re universally flattering and they can be worn all year round. Here are some cute ways to wear a midi skirt to inspire those who are trying these for the first time.

  • WHITE – if you’re planning on rocking midi skirt for summer, the best way to wear it is to wear it in white. White is the ultimate color of summer and you just can’t go wrong with anything white for the season, especially with the temps rising and the sun beating down on you. Anchor down all the other bold pieces to your white midi and you have yourself a great outfit that you can wear anytime.

white midi and paisley top

white midi skirt and denim top white on white outfit

  • BOLD, BRIGHT AND COLORFUL – now, if you find plain white to be a tad too simple, you can always amp it up by going for a bolder, brighter and more colorful midi skirt. It’s the perfect way to make a statement without losing the dainty, girly look and feel of your outfit. Wearing something bold, bright and colorful is also a nice pick me up for when you’re not feeling too fab.

bold and bright yellow midi and lace top bold lavender midi skirt bold and bright pink midi

  • FLORAL – for those of you who love to embrace their girly side, a floral midi skirt would make a great addition to your wardrobe. Choose bright and vibrant florals for summer and spring and darker ones for fall and winter. Anything floral is a great way to add a more feminine vibe to your look.

floral midi and stripes floral ombre midi skirt floral tropical midi skirt print

  • PENCIL CUT – think the length of a midi skirt is too conservative and not sexy enough? Bring back some of that sexy vibe by wearing it in a figure hugging pencil cut silhouette. This is a great way to get both a sexy and sophisticated vibe that you can wear not only for street style looks but as an office outfit as well.

pencil cut midi and leather crop top pencil cut skirt stripes pencil midi skirt

  • WITH LACE UP SHOES – another great way to add a fun and sexy twist to the midi skirt is to pair it up with sexy shoes and what’s sexier than a pair of sky high lace up shoes? Lace up shoes are the It shoes of the moment. They add an instant sexy and trendy edge to any look.

lace up and slitted midi skirt lace up shoes and leather skirt

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