Cute Ways to Sport Pastels in Fall

Pastels are a spring and summer staple and there’s something about them that makes us look forward to the said seasons so we can start wearing them again but this fall, you can wear these soft and feminine hues again because pastel colored everything is one of the biggest trends for the season. This is great news to those of you who aren’t exactly over the moon with dark and warm fall colors and wearing them from head to foot. If you ever find yourself looking for a nice pop of color, you can turn to pastels for that. Check out these cute ways to sport pastels in fall.

  • OUTERWEAR – if you find yourself inevitably reaching for dark pieces from head to toe and you want something to lighten up your outfit, just throw on a pastel colored coat or jacket and you instantly get a softer look.

pale pastel blue coat

pale pastel blue coat pastel green coat

  • HEAD TO TOE – yes, you can pull off a monochromatic pastel outfit, even in fall. Of course, you’ll need to make your look fall-friendly and you can do so by wearing your fall essentials like sweaters and jackets in pastel colors. This is perfect for those of you out there who love to look dainty and feminine all year round and can’t stand dark and stark colors.

olivia palermo pastel outfit chic and elegant outfit pastel monochromatic outfit

  • PRINTS AND PATTERNS – if solid pastels are becoming too plain for you, you can spice it up by going for pastel printed pieces. You’ll find that most of your favorite prints like stripes, plaid and chevron comes in a variety of pastel color combinations. Our favorite pastel print to rock so far is the watercolor print. It’s abstract, yes, which makes it perfect for softening up any dark fall look.

plaid in pastel colors cute pastel printed top skirt with pastel print

  • ESSENTIALS – another easy way to wear pastel colors in fall is to grab your fall essentials in pastel colors and pair them up with other fall basics in the usual dark colors. This will create a wonderful contrast in your outfit that will make it more striking and eye catching.

soft pastel fall essentialsessential fall pieces in pastel pretty pastel sweater pastel orange coat

  • THROWBACK TO S/S – missing spring and summer? How about doing a little fashion throwback and sporting some of your favorite pastel spring and summer pieces as a part of your fall outfit? Some of the easiest spring and summer pieces to mix in with your fall looks are tank tops, shirts, dresses and leggings because they can be used for layering.

green pastel print pastel bag and shoes summer pastel dress

  • ACCENTS AND ACCESSORIES – if you’re not too sure about wearing pastel colors in fall, you can do your outfit in dark colors in general and then just throw in pops of pastel colors throughout the whole outfit and it will help brighten up your look.

lavender beanie accessories in pastel mint green pastel boots


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