Cute Summer Hats for Women

With the summer sun beaming down on us every so harshly, one of the things that you really have to protect (aside from your skin, of course) is your hair. The hair can be easily damaged when exposed to too much heat. If you’re someone who styles their hair everyday with heat-emitting tools and spend a lot of time outside under the hot summer sun, you should definitely look for more efficient ways to protect your hair from damage like wearing a hat. Hats don’t only protect hair from the sun, it also adds a nice touch to any summer outfit. Here are some cure summer hats for women that you can get your hands on and add to your wardrobe this summer.

  • Fedora hat – the fedora was a huge hit last fall and they’re continuing to be a fashion favorite for summer as well. Fedora hats add a bit of that ‘jazzy’ vibe to any look. It also has a bit of that ‘manly’ look to it which is great since menswear inspired fashion pieces for women’s fashion is such a big hit for summer this year as well. Fedora hats are quite versatile, you can wear them with any summer outfit but I find that they work best with casual looks the most.

fedora hat and dress

cute summer fedora hat black and white fedora hat

  • Baseball cap – baseball caps have a very sporty look to them so they’re perfect to wear with athletic summer outfits but you can definitely also wear them with fancier and more feminine outfits to sort of dress them down. Baseball caps would usually look great paired with sneakers but pairing them with sexy heels works just as well, if not better.

tomboyish summer look baseball cap outfit for summerblack baseball cap

  • Oversized floppy hat – this is perhaps The Ultimate summer hat every woman has to have in her summer wardrobe. Oversized floppy hats are perfect for covering your face up while you lay under the sun and get your tan on. The addition of this hat to any outfit just gives it a more posh and sophisticated summer look and feel.

bright purple floppy hat stripy straw oversized hat

  • Cowboy hat – looking for a nice twist to your regular girly summer outfits? Why not top them off with a cool cowboy hat? These hats never fail to add that ‘fun cowgirl’ vibe to any look, even when they’re not worn with cowgirl boots. If going a little country is your thing, definitely wear cowboy hats with your summer outfits. It’s worth the fashion risk and we’ve got photos below to prove it.

striped bikini and cowboy hat straw cowboy hat summer woven cowboy hat

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