Cute Cross Body Bags to Wear Until Summer Ends

In this summer’s list of must have purses, cross body bags take one of the top spots. These cute little bags are so convenient for summer because they let you go hands-free while still assuring you that your essentials are all secure and also adding a chic piece to your look. If there’s one thing I would take from my summer accessories wardrobe into fall and winter, it would be cross body bags. I just really like how it has a bit of everything you’re looking for in a summer bag to offer. If you’re still looking for cute bags to add to your summer wardrobe, check out these cute cross body bags you can wear until summer ends. You might even end up loving them and taking them with you into fall and winter.

  • Leather cross body bag – leather cross body bags are the perfect ones to go for if you’re looking for something that you can rock all year round. It’s great for everyday use since leather is very sturdy plus it’s real chic too and it matches most looks and outfits.

leather cross body bag vintage satchel style

vintage leather cross body bag textured leather cross body bag

  • Fringy cross body bags – if you’re looking for something that’s more of a ‘strictly for summer’ bag instead of an all year round-er, you try wearing fringy cross body bags instead. We all know fringe is a summer staple – it has been for years now – so anything with fringes always do a good job in giving your look that nice, summery feel.

black studded fringe summer fringed cross body bag fringe cross body bag

  • Mini cross body bags – cross body bags are relatively smaller compared to regular purses but if you’re looking for something that’s really tiny that’s just for holding your essentials for, say, quick errands or dates, you can go for mini cross body bags instead. Most of these are just a tad bigger than wristlet pouches so they’re really handy. I would suggest you pick a mini cross body bag that comes with a detachable strap instead of a built-in one so you can swap straps and turn it into a wristlet on some days or use it strapless as a cute little pouch to hold small stuff in when using a larger tote.

cln inspired mini cross body bag cute pink mini cross body bag mini cross body bag with sequins chanel mini cross body bag

  • Neon cross body bags – are you the kind who can’t live without the least bit of color in your outfit? Well, fall is coming up so that means mandatory use of darker shades but nobody ever said you can’t add pops of fun colors along with your fall looks, right? A neon cross body bag is something that you can wear to liven up a dull outfit. It’s definitely on trend this summer and you can take it into winter as well.

neon pink cross body bag neon yellow cross body bag bright leather cross body bag

  • Printed cross body bag – another really great way to add more fun and detail to a plain and simple outfit is to wear a printed cross body bag. Florals are super hot for summer (as always) but lots of other cute prints are emerging as well so you might want to give those a try, too!

animal print mini cross body bag animal print cross body bag tribal print cross body bag cat portrait cross body bag

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