Cute Cold Weather Outfits with Layers

With winter just right around the corner, most women are shuffling their closets from skin-revealing summer/spring outfits to warming winter apparel. But if you find it hard to let go of the previous seasons’ ensembles, you can still wear them out – and keep warm by layering them! Here are some ideas that can help you create cute, layered get-ups for the cold:

Dress it Up

Contrary to popular beliefs, dresses are not only for the spring and summer. You can wear them during wintertime as well! The key to staying dainty and warm at the same time is by sporting dresses made of thicker material, such as weed or brocade. Protect your legs from the nippy weather by wearing complementing (or even a striking) tights. Top it off with a nice jacket or sweater. Footwear options are basically limitless for winter outfits and dresses, as you can wear it with pumps, brogues, boots or oxfords.

Layered winter dress

Leather Gloves

Get Shorty

Another spring/summer attire that you can layer during the summer is the short. Again the trick is picking winter outfits made of thick material. As with dresses, you can keep your legs warm with tights. Regarding the top, you can go crazy with whatever detail you want! You can even layer your thermal long sleeves with a cute sleeveless/tank top from last summer. Finish your winter outfits with a bonnet or a scarf and you’re good to go.

Shorts and a Blazer

Cozy with Shorts

Winter Denim Shorts

Sport the Skirt

Again, you don’t have to ditch your favorite flirty skirts just because it’s winter. You can wear them as winter outfits around town – and not feel cold at all – by layering them stylishly. Again, pair it with tights and go crazy layering your tops. A great way to add spunk to winter outfits is to pair your frilly skirt with a structured topper, such as a structured trench coat or a bomber jacket. As for footwear, whatever shoe fits!

Skirt for Winter

Red Pleather Skirt

Hipster for the Winter

Jam with your Jeans

Jeans might look boring, but they are the perfect piece for winter outfits. You can go crazy with your tops – and put a cute shirt over your thermal wear. You can even keep warmer with a stylish scarf and a fashionable jacket. Heck, you can even wear Uggs and still look effortlessly chic!

Furry Vest and Jeans

Simple Layering

Don’t confine your winter look to your sweaters and trench coats. Be fashionable – and comfortably warm at the same time – by channeling these cute winter outfits with layers.

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