Cute and Comfy Clothes to Add to Your School Wardrobe

It’s back to school time again and that means gearing up for school early in the morning. All of us have different routines when it comes to getting ready for school. I have a lot of friends back in college who always had their clothes out the night before a school day so they could simply slip into the outfit in the morning and they’re good to go. I, personally, was never like that. There was something about putting together an outfit on the spot, minutes before I had to leave the house, that excited me and I know a lot of you out there are like that too. However, there were days when I just couldn’t find anything that was both stylish and comfortable. Maybe I didn’t have the right pieces at the time, maybe I just didn’t know what to reach for. Whatever it was, you certainly don’t have to go through the same. Here are some cute and comfy clothes to add to your school wardrobe. Reach for these items on lazy days for a guaranteed easy and chic look.

  • Oversized sweater – oversized sweater are super comfy and warm and they’re perfect for your back to school wardrobe (especially for those starting the school term right into fall). Wear them on their own as a mini dress then finish off your outfit with cute boots or wear leggings with them and wear comfy flats instead. Make sure your sweater is not just big enough but long enough as well if you are planning on using it as a dress.

boots and oversized sweater outfit

chic striped sweater oversized sweater outfit

  • Leggings – while jeans are the universal staple in any woman’s wardrobe, they can be a little uncomfortable sometimes (especially when it’s that time of the month) so having something less fitter and less restricting to wear will come in handy. I love wearing leggings on days when I just want to feel comfy as if I were home but also look well made-up and put-together at the same time.

basic black leggings light prints on leggings printed leggings outfit

  • Maxi dress – maxi dresses are perfect on days when you don’t want to think about mixing and matching clothes to put together one outfit. It’s a one-piece no brainer that’s sure to have you looking cute while also making sure that you can freely move around as you scurry from one class to another. If all you have are your summer maxi dresses, there’s really no need to buy new ones. Just wear a cardigan or a sweater over them and  you should be warm and cozy.

black and white maxi outfit pink maxi dress denim shirt fall maxi outfit

  • Dressy shorts – another really comfy alternative to wearing jeans is a good pair of dressy shorts. Of course, you’ll have to check with your school’s dress code before deciding to wear shorts as some schools don’t allow them and if they are allowed, they have to be a certain length (never to short), I love wearing loose but dressy shorts that hit me just right by the knee. I think it gives any look that cute but subtle tomboy-ish vibe that goes perfectly well with a sweet and girly look.

nude dressy shorts lauren conras bermuda shorts outfit black dressy shorts

  • Sneakers – heels may be chic and posh and all but they’re not very comfy to run around and climb flights of stairs in when you have to hurry to get to the next class or when you have to dash by your locker. Sneakers, on the other hand, are perfect for such plus they give your outfit a hint of casual cuteness too.

outfit white sneakers and jeans maroon sneakers and black outfit


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