Curlformers Review – Long and Wide

After hearing about these on twitter, I HAD to order a set. They are another no heat way of curling your hair… I’m in!

I bought two starter kits which have 8 Curlformers each in them and a curling hook. I thought that because my hair is so thin, I probably wouldn’t even use 16 of them I was right, I only used 13.

Curlformers Long and Wide

I washed my hair last night, towel dried it then put in my Ojon Thickening Spray and scrunched in my Aussie Volume Mousse to the ends. I didn’t want to put too much product in on my first try so it went crispy and unnatural looking.

They are simple enough to put in, there is no real fiddliness to it.

Curlformers Long and Wide-hook

Basically you take your Curlformer and slide it over the hook so the hook part at the end is exposed. You take a section of hair and twist it at the top so it’s tight enough to slot into the hook. Don’t be silly like me and not do it tight enough so half is in and half is out of the hook… That hurts!! But once all is secure simply pull the hook with your hair in it through the curl former and you end up with something like this:

Curlformers Long and Wide-when worn

Your actually meant to push the Curlformer up while you slide the hook down, but I totally forgot to do that. So they are hanging a bit loose in this picture, practice makes perfect!

I then slept in these overnight, so around 12 hours they were in my hair and these are not comfortable to lie on. They are not foam or spongy material, they are plastic so not the best to sleep in. I am a bit of a Princess and the Pea kinda person though. As soon as I lifted these out of the way or lay on my back with the Curlformers all lined up they were OK.

The result?

Curlformers Long and Wide-result

A hairdo that would put Little Miss Muffet to shame.

It was a bit daunting at first, but my hair drops quite quickly normally so I didn’t mind. I separated each curl to give it but more body so they didn’t look as sparse:

Curlformers Long and Wide-result2 Curlformers Long and Wide-result3

3 hours later:

Curlformers Long and Wide-result4

Much better! after running my fingers through it a few times, my curls have dropped to a better level for me!

6 hours later:

Curlformers Long and Wide-result5 Curlformers Long and Wide-result6

As you can see the curls hold very well (ignore the bit I missed…doh) with minimal product, coming from someone who’s hair always fall flat after about 3 hours when I use my conical wand, that’s very good!

A curly wurly ‘do… It would be nice if you like full on curls all over your head, but for me I’m all about being curly just at the bottom and the top being volumised, so I will be trying that tomorrow night when I am popping out for a girly night!

Curlformers are sending me out the Long and Extra Wide packs to review for you all! I purchased the Long and Wide packs myself by the way. So a lot more curly haired posts to come! đŸ™‚

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