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Crest 3D Whitestrips Review

Hello ladies here is my Crest 3D Whitestrips Review!

I have used a number of different whitening products and am happy to say I have finally found one that actually works for me – it’s the Crest 3D Whitestrips



On their website you can compare the different products they are offering.At first I tried the Advanced Vivid formula which gives you a 14 day supply. I was impressed with the results and went ahead and bought the Professional Effects which gives you a 20 supply and I am about half way through that box now.
Now firstly I want to mention that Crest 3D is a US brand and not available in Australia. I did order my first supply of Advanced Vivid strips of an Australian online shop though because I was very keen to try them ASAP. This was a big mistake though – not only did I pay almost the price (AUD 71) as I would have from US online stores or eBay but they also took a good 2 weeks to dispatch and another 2 weeks to deliver. All up I waited almost 5 weeks to finally try the strips and quite frankly I don’t think that’s acceptable for a supposedly Australia based company.
The second time around I went straight to eBay – and bought the Professional Effects strips which are actually more expensive (according to the RRP) – but I ended up paying around AUD 42 delivered.
Ok so here are my thoughts on the actual product
  • I started seeing results after about 3 days, and a very noticable difference after I had completed a full pack
  • I really like that these are actual strips and you don’t have to muck around with trays.
    This means the whitening product itself is actually on a kind of sticky tape that you stick onto your teeth, they nicely cover all areas of each tooth and they don’t move. Each day you get one strip for your upper teeth and one for your lower teeth.
    I hate using trays because I feel that the product starts foaming up in my mouth and I constantly have to either swallow (which I really want to do with bleaching chemicals) or spit it out. I also feel that the product doesn’t stay in place with the trays and you only really cover parts of your teeth.
  • They are fairly cheap – or at least comparable to other products you get at Priceline etc and nowhere near as expensive as a dentist treatment
  • They come in individually sealed pouches so you don’t have to use up the whole pack in one go – if you want to use it to freshen up your colour in between
  • Not available in Australia
  • The strips don’t cover all your teeth – only the “visible” front teeth. I feel the upper strip is OK but the lower strip is really too short. The Professional Effects strips have a slightly longer lower strip than the Advanced Vivid strips – but it is still shorter than the upper strip, and I don’t really see a reason why they shouldn’t both the same length.





As far as differences between the Advanced Vivid and the Professional Effects formula go – I am not really sure. I have not noticed a massive difference between the two. However, I do like that the Professional Effects strips come with longer lower strips and they also give you 6 more days (20 as opposed to 14) – so for the minor price difference I would say go for the Professional Effects strips.
I have not had any issues with my teeth or gums since using either product but I have to say that I don’t really have sensitive teeth in general. On the box it said that your gums can turn white and will recover over night – but I never even noticed that with my gums.
So the overall verdict: really like it, would and will buy again
As always if you do buy on eBay please make sure to pick a reputable seller, check feedback, check other items the person is selling and do contact the seller and ask them questions about the product (such as expiry dates..)
I am keen to hear about your experience with teeth whitening, let me know in the comments!