Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle Routine Review

Like many people, I’m not happy with the colour of my teeth, they’re not white enough for my liking and with certain colour lipsticks they look pretty bad. Now, I’ve tried quite a few whitening toothpastes and my teeth aren’t getting any whiter – so as a result, I looked into whitening products.

Now, if you’ve never heard of Crest before – they’re a whitening based brand in the US. Crest products aren’t available directly here in the UK, so if you’re after some you’ll have to order them online, like I did.

I chose the Gentle Routine products, which are supposed to be for sensitive teeth – which I have, and are supposed to be good for the enamel on your teeth. You are advised to apply the strips to ‘not so clean teeth’ – by that, not teeth that have just been brushed as the strips may struggle to stick properly and leave them on for 5 minutes, which you then remove and proceed to brush your teeth like normal.



I bought these from eBay, and in all honesty, I wasn’t sure which type to go for, so excluding the Stain Shield products which I assume or for stained teeth with coffee, smoking etc, I went for the cheapest ones! They cost £5 for 10 strips, which is 5 pouches.

Looking back, I’m not sure why I bought the Gentle Routine ones! I can be quite impatient and I wanted to have teeth like this after the first application – which isn’t gonna happen! I’m not sure how slowly they work, whether a months worth would equate to a few days of the higher strength strips?


When I first picked up the pouch, I didn’t think anything was inside! The packets are so super thin! Once you open the packet you get a piece of acetate with two strips on – a larger one for the top row of teeth and a smaller one for your bottom row of teeth. 

I wouldn’t say they were extremely fiddly to apply, it’s just lining it up correctly and then folding the remains over the backs of your teeth. It doesn’t take long, a few seconds and it’s done.

Now, here’s a lovely confession. After applying for the 5 minutes, you get a…build up of saliva. It reminded me of being at the dentist and I needed someone to sit there with some sort of suction to remove it! Yes, it’s not that nice, but I don’t think many people will confess to this and I thought it could be useful. But, five minutes goes pretty quickly!

After removal, I thought they looked a bit brighter, less dull looking – but then again, as I couldn’t brush my teeth before – it could just be that!


After looking for some reviews for this, I found none, zilch! The only thing I found was a few comments on about them. Someone suggested to leave them on for about 20-30 mins.

So, I did. My teeth haven’t gone extremely sensitive or anything ridiculous has happened despite leaving it on for 5x than it advised to. For 4 out of the 5 days I left the strips on for around 20 mins and at the end of my 5 day testing – I thought they looked a bit whiter…though they’re still not white enough. Nobody noticed any change, as I don’t think it’s noticeable at all, you might notice a bit yourself but that’s ‘cos you’ll be paying a lot of attention to your own teeth!


Honestly, I wouldn’t buy these exact strips again, I wanted whiter strips and maybe if I used them for 30 days then they would be a little whiter, who knows! But, if you’re like me and you want white teeth quick, then these aren’t the products for you.

I might try the other products in the Crest range, try a stronger product and hope for whiter teeth!

~ Q: Have you ever tried whitening products? Did they work for you?

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