Cozy-Chic Winter Style Inspiration from Jenny Cipoletti

Mind behind the Margo and Me blog, Jenny Bernheim-Cipoletti is an LA-based fashion Francophile and lifestyle blogger known for her ever-evolving mix of sophisticated, playful, and chic style that might inspire your cozy looks this winter. Her photographer counterpart and partner, Fred Cipoletti captures editorial worthy moments which rivals the industry’s most distinguished work. Jenny truly aims to inspire the everyday woman with elevated yet approachable style through every aspect of her life, so keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

Resort to cozy knits and wools.

cozy turtleneck sweater with burgundy boots

gray blanket scarf with boots cozy winter coat with hat

Ambitious in her vision and confident in her sartorial choices, Jenny embodies the sophisticated and chic women of our generation. Whether you’re walking in the snow or strutting the streets, look chic and cozy with knits and wool ensembles. If you’re going for non-hugging ensemble since winter is all about bulky layers, opt for a classy color. Like Jenny, you may opt for a red robe coat that will add some class to your winter look while walking in the snow. Or, be creative and treat your blanket scarf as a wrap dress that will look perfect with a chic top and a pair of tall boots and hat.

Incorporate creative prints to your winter ensembles.

floral print outfit with structured red coat silk midi skirt with winter top and fascinator grape fruit print skirt with structured black coat

Even though winter means wearing dark colors, that doesn’t mean you have to pack away your summer printed ensembles. Like Jenny, spice up your classic black winter coat with a grape fruit print skirt that will look a bit quirky and playful while keeping everything cozy-chic. Floral prints may scream summer or spring, but you can make them work in the winter by wearing cozy ensembles like a coat, scarf, and over the knee boots.

Look festive on your party outfits.

winter skirt with double breasted jacket winter jacket with festive outfit avant garde fur trimmed coat

If you think your pastel dresses will only work in the warmer months, think again. Jenny managed to look cozy-chic with her pastel blue dress teamed with a fur jacket. Or, dress up your winter outfits with an avant-garde coat that will keep you warm yet glamorous like Jenny did. Think of elegant and glamorous fur skirts that will go perfectly with your masculine blazers and structured tops.

Add some fur accent to your winter looks.

winter coat with cozy outfit fur hoodie coat with casual outfit fur boots with winter outfit

Fur, whether it’s a coat, jacket, boots, sweater, skirt, or scarf, will add some classy and glam vibe to your winter outfits. Like Jenny, if you have a lot of basic ensembles that you wear together just to create a cozy look, add some spice to them by wearing a pair of fur trimmed boots that will make your bulky outfit chic. Or, Go for a fur scarf or fur coat that will go double duty on keeping your winter outfits cozy at the same time classy. By heeding these tricks from Jenny, you’ll be able to get that cozy-chic style in no time.

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