Couples’ Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween creeping up on us, I’m pretty sure a lot of you are already on the lookout for cool Halloween costumes to wear to the party. Of course, most of the ladies will be wearing something sexy or something scary or both but if you’re going to this year’s party with your man, why not dress up in couple’s costumes? It may sound cheesy and tacky but there are pretty cool looks you can both pull off together, you know. Check out these awesome couples’ Halloween costume ideas that you and the boyfriend can wear to this year’s party.

  • Gomez and Morticia Addams – who needs a love like Romeo and Juliet when they can have one like Gomez and Morticia’s? Never have I seen a man so enamored by his wife more than Gomez Addams and never, too, have I seen a woman so devoted to her husband quite like Morticia. These two are pretty easy to copy, especially Morticia as all you need is a long black dress (a wig, too, if you have lighter colored hair) while looking like Gomez requires only a striped suit and a bowtie.

addams family inspired costume

addams family morticia and gomez morticia and gomez addams costume

  • Tarzan and Jane – if you can get your man to go to the party wearing only a loincloth (or if you simply want to show off his abs and make all the other girls jealous) then this is the costume for your guys. It’s pretty costume-y and touches a little on the cheesy side but if you’re up for some dressing up, why not?

tarzan and jane inspiration tarzan and jane cute tarzan and jane cosplay

  • Waldo and Wenda (or Wilma) – people are still confused about who Waldo’s girlfriend is: Wenda or Wilma but whatever. This costume is perfect for couples who really want to go all out on being matchy-matchy.

waldo and wenda

  • Richie and Margot Tenebaum – if you’ve ever seen the film “The Royal Tenebaums” you know how iconic Richie and Margot’s looks were and if you loved the film, I think you’ll love dressing up as these two even more.

tenebaums inspired costume the royal tenebaums the tenebaums

  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono – don’t want anything too costume-y for the Halloween party this year? How about going as Yoko Ono and tugging your man to come along as John Lennon? There are so many pictures of the couple across the internet, you won’t have any problem choosing a look to recreate.

yoko and john costume john lennon and yoko ono john lennon and yoko ono costume

  • Fisherman and mermaid – here’s a really cute costume idea for those of you out there whose boyfriends aren’t into getting all costumey and matchy matchy. Just let them wear something fisherman-ly like overalls and a raincoat and you can go all out on being a mermaid . It’s a win-win situation for the both of you.

couple costume fisherman and mermaid fisherman and mermaid costume zombie fisherman and hooked mermaid

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