Corset Tops as Outerwear Street Style

Once used as underneath in the lavish gowns and dresses, corset top has become one of the lingerie clothing that’s also worn as outerwear. And like any lingerie turned outerwear, styling a corset top is tricky as there is a fine line between sexiness and tackiness. Though corset tops have details such as silk embroidery, feathers, handcrafted lace, and even denim, you still have to pick the perfect ones and appropriate bottoms to look chic without looking out of place.

A corset top absolutely makes a sexy fashion statement by letting it be the principal feature piece of your outfit. It’s an ideal layering piece for an evening out or even a feminine piece during the day. Just under-dress the rest of your attire for the lingerie itself will draw the attention. Make sure to add a little more coverage to your look so you don’t feel too exposed while treating your corset a top.

corset black leather

leather trousers corset whiteleather corset in white

Any other type of slim-fitting trousers will look great with a corset top. One great pair would be a corset top with skinny leather trousers or a leather corset top with black ow white pants. If you don’t want to bare your midsection too much, pair it with high-waisted pants to make your corset top not look like a separate but a jumpsuit instead. This style gives an edgy but sexy look. The look be perfect for an outdoor concert or a night out with your friends.

black pants dressy corset

For a dressy corset style, pair your corset top with dressy pants. Nonetheless, when wearing a corset top with pants, make sure it’s long enough that extends beyond the waistline to the hips. Or, for some alternatives, you may opt for high-waisted pants or simply throw on a blazer and wear some heels. For a basic style, wear your button down shirt unbuttoned and let your corset top peeks a little in black pants. You may also sport corset when aiming for a borrowed-from-the-boys style. For instance, you may wear a corset top under a man style shirt with suspenders for where the style defines a fine line between androgynous and chic.

floral corset top crop corset top

If you’re aiming for a casual street looks, a simple pair of denim jeans will keep your outfit grounded and gorgeous. Denim jeans ‘ground’ the style a little bit, giving it a touch of ‘cowgirl’ that looks more practical. You can either sport a pair of high-waist or low cut jeans, depending on whether you like to show some skin or not. If you don’t feel comfortable exposing your shoulders, throw on a floral blazer for a feminine vibe. You can match your corset top with your blazer like wearing both floral prints in different shades. Not only will it look casual-chic and cool, but you can put off the blazer throughout the night if you really start to feel daring.

turtleneck and corset

While it’s more common to layer pieces over a corset, you may want to try things out by layering your corset top over a shirt, tee, turtleneck, or any blouse. Your corset top simply becomes an elegant accessory whether it accentuates your waist or just hangs below your bust. It spices up your basic and simple shirt and jeans outfit and an easy way to make your corset top more appropriate for daytime. You may also throw on a coat, blazer, or suit for a more layered look.

corset lace corset like a dress full skirt black green skirt heart corset printed skirt white skirt

Making a classic style look sexy can be achieved by pairing a corset top with feminine skirts. While miniskirts will make your corset top look cheeky, midi or long skirts that usually flare slightly at the hips gives a continuous flow of your figure. Or go for the full circle skirt option if you want to look alluring but retain the timeless feel of the outfit at the same time. Playing with colorful print skirts while keeping your corset top neutral or vice versa gives a balanced yet statement looks. You may also recreate a dress-like outfit by wearing a blazer over your corset top, pair it with a full skirt and belt it for a dress-like ensemble.

There are tons of styling tricks to wear your corset top as outerwear that flatters you. You just need to try things out and be willing to experiment! Be sexy and demure on wearing fashionable corsets on your street style.


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