Cool Ways to Wear Leather Shorts

If you’re looking for something hot and sexy, you definitely need to check out leather shorts. They’re super fierce and they’re perfect if you feel like dressing up to let your inner vixen out. Leather shorts are great, too, if you just want something that would up your confidence and sex appeal. When it comes to leather shorts, there are lots of styles and designs that you can choose from. If you’re looking for something that will complement and add spice to your girly look, go for the scalloped leather shorts. If you want something for going out at night, you can opt for a pair of leather shorts with sequins instead. There are lots more you can choose from and I’m pretty sure there’s at least one style or design out there that you’ll love so now all you have to worry about is how to wear it. Here are some ideas on ways to wear leather shorts.

  • Basic and simple – have no idea how to wear your leather shorts? Take the basic and simple route and pair it up with a crisp white shirt for a fool-proof sleek and sexy look. White shirts are great for bottoms that are a bit tricky to wear so if this is your first time wearing leather shorts, pairing it with a white shirt is definitely the way to go. This outfit combo is also perfect if you’re going for the minimalistic look. Just add in a few key accessories to the mix and you’re all set to go.

basic and simple outfit

white shirt and leather shorts

  • Polished casual – while shorts aren’t always ideal pieces to wear to the workplace, there’s still a way to (maybe) get away with it on casual days at the office. Just pair your leather shorts with a nice shirt and throw on a cute blazer on top to finish the look. This would also make a great street style look when worn with statement accessories. If you plan on wearing it to work, though, just make sure your shorts are of appropriate length.

black blazer outfit printed blue blazer

  • Flirty with an edge – looking for a way to combine your feminine style with the kick ass vibe of leather shorts? The combination of a girly lace top and a pair of leather shorts will surely get the job done for you. This outfit idea also makes a great casual daytime date look that you can easily transition for the night. Leather shorts and a lace top is one of the best ways to mix girly and edgy together in one look, too.

flirty lace top white lace top

  • Casual and sleek – need a way to make leather shorts work for your everyday casual looks? Why not try wearing them with a cool denim jacket or a chambray shirt? We all know denim is the ultimate fabric for casual and street style looks and adding a pair of leather shorts into the mix makes a great casual and sleek look.

studded leather shorts leather and denim

  • Completely badass – we’ve saved you the best for last though this look isn’t exactly something everyone can wear all year long. Regardless, we still think the combination of leather shorts and a leather top is one of the best ways to sport your leather shorts. It’s fierce, posh, sleek and completely badass. Oh, and don’t forget that it’s super stylish too!

all black leather leather on leather outfit

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