Cool Ways to Wear Leather in Summer

Leather in summer? Yes please! Though we normally see leather outfits during the colder seasons like fall and winter, the edgy fabric works well for summer outfits as well. I know a lot of you out there are raising their eyebrows as you read but hear me out. You can wear leather in summer but you don’t have to wear it full on. If you’re wondering how you can make this possible and if you’re looking for a way to add an edge to your summer looks, check out these cool ways to wear leather in summer.

  • Leather swimsuit – I know, I know, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but for those of you out there who are looking to get some Fifty Shades of Grey action going for their summer look at the beach, this is your best bet. If you think this is too BDSM-y for you, you can always opt for a swimsuit that only features leather accents and details instead of a full leather one.

leather swimsuit asymmetrical neckline

leather triangle swimsuit black bandeau leather swimsuit leathery swimsuit

  • Leather pants – another really cool way to wear leather this summer is to sport a pair of leather pants. Pair your leather pants with a sexy chic top for an outfit that you can wear when you go clubbing with your friends. Don’t forget to finish it off with a sleek pair of heels as well.

simple shirt and leather pants leather pants and white peplum top dressy top and leather pants

  • Leather vest – now, if you’re looking for a way to wear leather in the daytime this summer, how about wearing a nice leather vest to add a dash of cool to your chic summer outfit? You can wear it over a cute dress to get a look that’s perfectly mixed between girly and edgy or you can wear it on top of a tank top or a shirt to spruce up a simple outfit and give it more edge.

leather vest and maxi dress leather vest and shirt street style outfit leather vest white leather vest

  • Leather shorts – another way to wear leather during the day this summer is to wear leather shorts. Leather shorts are great for street style outfits. You can wear them with just about any top you have and come up with a cool and cute look.

black leather shorts loose white top and leather shorts summer street style leather shorts

  • Leather bag – one of the easiest ways to wear leather is not to wear it per se but to carry it in the form of a leather purse. Leather purses are great for everyday use because they’re strong and they can withstand everyday wear and tear well. If you’re planning on getting a leather purse to use every day, invest in a good quality one. Cheap leather isn’t just worth the money at all.

brown leather satchel cln trapeze shopper bag leather backpack bag


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