Cool Sunglasses to Add to Your Collection

During the summer, sunglasses become more popular than in any other time of the year and while it’s understandable that this is because the sun is way harsher in summer, I think it’s also important to remind people that they need to protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun even when it’s not beating down on us all the time. For fashionistas, sunglasses are more than just protection from the sun – they’re perfect accessories as well. If you have a special spot in your heart and in your vanity for sunnies, check out these cool sunglasses to add to your collection.

  • MIRRORED AVIATORS – mirrored aviators are perfect for adding that cool and edgy but at the same time laidback vibe to your look. They’re two cool trends in eyewear all rolled into one. If you’re ever looking for a pair that you can wear with any look, mirrored aviators are the ones. Those with metal frames, especially, just look so chic and sleek – perfect for the fashionista in you.

mirrored blue sunnies

mirrored red sunnies

  • VINTAGE ROUND – it seems like everybody has a pair of these nowadays. With the emergence of the retro look as one of summer’s biggest trends, vintage round sunglasses are becoming more and more popular as well. If you’re going for the full grung-y vintage look, I’d say go for metal frames. If you want a hint of modern vibes to your look, you can opt for the ones with plastic frames instead. Either way, round vintage sunnies are a must have for your collection.

vintage round sunglasses vintage round rose glasses

  • HEART SHAPED SUNGLASSES – another cute must have to add to your collection are heart shaped sunglasses. These are contemporary, more than anything, and they’re perfect for giving your outfit that ‘It Girl’ vibe.

heart shaped teal glasses heart shaped clear frame glasses

  • CAT EYE – if you don’t already have this in your collection, you’re seriously missing out. Cat eye shades are the ultimate fashionista must have. They are Olivia Palermo’s favorite kind of sunnies plus every other It Girl in Hollywood has them and wears them.

cat eye thick rim cat eye embellished sunnies

  • OVERSIZED – anything / any style that’s oversized is basically a yes for anyone who’s into sunglasses. Oversized shades are universally flattering so they’re perfect for those who haven’t quite figured out yet what shape or style goes well with their facial shape.

oversized glam sunnies oversized square sunglasses

  • CLASSIC WAYFARERS – the last style that every sunglasses collector must have in their arsenal is the classic wayfarers. Ray-ban popularized this style a while back but now every other brand has one and some even have their own spin on wayfarers.

wayfarers with animal print handle wayfarers classic

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