Cool Print Combinations for Summer

The print on print trend is still on for summer so we’re making the best out of it before it goes out of style (though honestly, we wish it would stay a bit longer since it’s such a cute trend). Despite the fact that this trend has been around for quite some time now, not everyone is comfortable with wearing it yet. A lot of women think that wearing two different prints in one outfit will end up in a tacky look while some aren’t sure about how to make a cute outfit with clashing details. While it can  be a challenge, the print on print trend is certainly wearable and very easy to do if you know how to go about it. If you want to try out the print on print trend, check out these cool print combinations for summer.

  • Stripes and floral prints – stripes and floral prints make a great combination because stripes aren’t too detailed and ornate while floral prints often are. The combination creates a perfectly balanced look that’s not too overwhelming. If you’re doing the print on print trend for the first time, this is one of the print combinations that you can try. it’s a statement maker yet it’s not too loud or too bold to intimidate you or other people.

striped romper and floral blazer

stripes and florals

  • Polka dots and stripes – another really fun and simple print combination that you can sport this summer is polka dots and stripes together. Both prints are simple and clean but when worn together, they make one heck of a tandem. Since both prints require at least two colors, try to wear them in the same color palette. If you have  the classic black and white stripes, reach for a black and white polka dotted piece as well.

polka dot skirt black and white outfit

  • Same but different – I know the bullet title sounds confusing but it’s actually quite simple. If you want to sport the print on print trend and do a look that’s different but somehow still the same, why not wear the same print with a different design. For example, you can wear floral prints from head to toe but wear abstract florals on top and graphic florals down the bottom. This styling trick makes it easier for you to create a more cohesive outfit that still has that trendy twist.

floral on floral outfit contrasting polka dots

  • Leopard print and graphic print – if you can’t stand the thought of wearing two very different prints together in one outfit, wearing leopard print (or any other animal print) with a graphic print is one way to make it less obvious. Leopard print pants, for example, can be worn with a graphic print shirt. Since graphic shirts don’t take a lot of space on a piece of clothing item like patterned prints, it wouldn’t seem like a whole other print paired with leopard.

leopard and graphic leopard pants and statement graphic shirt

  • Matchy matchy – not bold enough to mix two completely different prints in one outfit but still want to do the print on print look? A really simple and easy way to go about doing this is to wear matching prints from head to toe. It’s just like wearing a dress in a certain pattern / print except that you’re wearing it in two separate pieces.

checkered matchy prints crop top and skirt

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