Concealer Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Coverage

If you tend to have problems and issues with your skin, concealer is something that you should never be without. Concealer helps cover up any flaw on your face so if you want to achieve flawless looking makeup, you should always have concealer on hand. Contrary to what many women think, concealer is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of product. A concealer that works wonders for your friend may not do much for you because your skin types, skin tone and skin conditions are all different. To get the best result and the most out of your concealer, it’s important to have the right product on hand, the right tools for application and, of course, the knowledge on how to use it – tips, tricks and all. Here are useful concealer tips and tricks for the perfect coverage.

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  • Choose according to skin type – if you find that your previous concealers just aren’t cutting it for you, the reason may be because they weren’t totally compatible with your skin type. Just like foundations and most of other makeup products, concealers are made with different formulations. Some are meant for a specific kind of skin type while others are made to be used by most, if not all. If you can, though, try to get your hands on a concealer that’s specially formulated for the type of skin you have. Most runny and fluid-y concealers, for example, work better on dry skin while those with thicker paste-like consistencies often work best on oily skin as they tend to have a mattifying effect.

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  • Remember: you get what you pay for – this is not just true for concealers but for a lot of other makeup products as well. There are those products that you shouldn’t even bother getting high end versions of but concealer just isn’t one of them. Drugstore concealers may do a pretty job in concealing your facial flaws but that’s about it. You can’t expect it to look flawless, seamless and natural / one with your skin or to have extra benefits like pore refinement or spf or even age-rewind treatment.

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  • Consider the undertone – just like foundations, concealers have undertones to them as well. Yellow undertone concealers are great for covering up dark spots and evening out your skin tone while green tone concealers help with covering up red spots from pimples and acne greatly and concealers with pink undertones are perfect if you want a highlighting concealer. Concealer undertones are also sometimes called concealer base.

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  • Foundation before concealer – if you’re using foundation with your concealer (for a full makeup look), apply foundation first. This way, your makeup doesn’t end up looking cakey in certain areas as you get to use concealer only on spots where it is really needed which are the spots that your foundation was not able to cover up. Put a tiny dot of concealer on the area and lightly dab on the area with your finger until blended. You may also use a brush but I personally find using my fingers for blending out concealer works best and gives me the most natural looking result.

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