Comfy Office Outfits for Warm Summer Days

Now that the weather is warming up more and more, days at the office are getting noticeably getting warmer as well. Even with the help of centralized air-conditioning, there’s no denying that the heat of summer is slowly but surely taking its toll and being felt in the workplace and we all know that when it’s hot and uncomfortable, nothing gets done. Here are some ideas for comfy office outfits for warm summer days that might just help you solve your wardrobe dilemma and help you become more productive and more stylish, too.

  • A SLEEVELESS SHIFT DRESS – most of the time, sleeves are more preferred in the office but if you can pull off a sleeveless dress to make things easier for you without necessarily looking too laidback and casual for the surrounding environment, why not? A shift dress is the perfect excuse for going sleeveless in the office. You can also top if off with a light blazer if you want the option of sleeves later on.

shift dress in black

shift dress without sleeves

  • CULOTTES – unless you work in fashion or another creative industry, this one can be a little tricky to pull off since they are more popular with street style looks but you can definitely wear them to the office when matched with the right pieces. Try pairing them with a nice collared top and a blazer and don’t forget to finish the look off with killer heels.

culottes suit for the office culottes for the office

  • SKIRTS – while pants and suits are great for power dressing at work, they aren’t exactly very comfortable to work around in, especially when it’s scorching hot and the last thing you want is your clothes sticking to your body and smelling like sweat. Instead of pants, opt for skirts this summer. They’re better at keeping you cool and they add a nice feminine vibe to your office look.

skirt in royal blue skirt outfit office

  • LIGHT COLORS – this goes without saying but light colors are so much better than dark colors for summer. Head to toe white is one of the hottest trends but if you feel like too much white washes you out, go for other lighter colors like beige, cream or maybe even light tan. Go easy on bright light colors to keep the professional look in your outfit.

light colors light colors for the office

  • PEEP TOE HEELS – heels are a must in the office but wearing closed shoes, especially for 8 to 9 hours straight, can feel like hell. To help your feet stay cool, opt for peep toe heels. They let you keep the same chic and polished professional look but they’re a bit more comfy than closed heels.

peep toe heels with all white outfit peep toe office heels

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