Comfy but Sexy Flats You Can Wear as Alternatives to Heels

Heels are sexy but there’s no denying that they’re painful as heck on the feet when you have to be in them all day. If you’re someone who’s on heels all day every day, I bet you had at least a day or two when you questioned whether or not the pain was even worth it. I’m not gonna lie, I love heels and sometimes I try to ignore the pain as much as I could just so I could wear them. I mean, they make any outfit look instantly sexier! Can you blame me? Thankfully, though, a lot of comfier alternatives have been coming out of the market and here are some comfy but sexy flats you can wear as alternatives to heels.

  • ANIMAL PRINT FLATS – animal prints can make anything sexy, be it clothes or shoes. If you think flats are a little too tame and you want to give them that fierce and sexy look, you can always opt to buy your flats in animal print. Cheetah print seems to be the most popular but you’re more than welcome to try other animal print variations as well.

animal print flats outfit

animal print flats animal print flat shoes

  • POINTED FLATS – sleek flats with pointed toes are very sexy as well and they’re great if you want a dressier alternative to the usual round toe casual ballerina style flats that you would usually wear with your jeans. This (pointed) style is perfect for outfits for the workplace as well as for street style outfits that you want to lend a posh vibe to.

pointy toe flats pointy metallic flats pointed black flats

  • THONG SANDALS – flats don’t always have to be ballerina style shoes. If you’re looking for a more casual alternative to heels that are just as sexy, why not go for thong sandals? These never fail to lend any look a sexier and more chic vibe.

thong sandals outfit thong sandals thong style snake flats

  • LACE UP FLATS – another sexy alternative to heels that you can wear on days when you just want something comfy and chic is a pair of lace up flats. These are all the rage these days and if you don’t already have a pair, you should definitely head out and get yourself one as soon as you’re done reading this.

lace up shoes lace up flats lace up flats outfit

  • NUDE FLATS – last on the list but definitely not least are nude flats. To make nude flats look sexy, try to match them with your natural skin tone or at least have them come close. This will elongate your legs and make them look more drool-worthy. Having a pointed toe also helps heaps.

nude flats kendall nude flats with straps nude flats

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