Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength Review

Colour B4…A Hair-raising Adventure!

OK, so if you read my last post, Ms. Wedgie and the hair dye  harum-scarum’ then you will know that I was planning to strip all the many layers of hair dye from my hair with the use of ‘Colour B4’.  Well ladies and gentlemen…the deed has been done!!!  Hereafter follows my scary pictorial journey into the world of home colour removal! 🙂
Colour B4 comes in two varieties, ‘Regular’ and ‘Extra Strength’.  The regular version can be used for all hair colours and the extra strength is specifically for darker hair colours.  As I have been dying my hair all manner of shades of black for the last 6 years I opted for the extra strength.
So this is what you get for £12.  A lovely box with a pretty lady on it, 3 magical potion bottles – Part A (Activator), Part B (Remover) and Part C (Buffer), a pair of gloves (not pictured as they ruined my picture) and some instructions.
Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover
Reading the instructions (which I would highly recommend you do thoroughly if you plan on using this stuff) is like trailing your way through a biblical epic.  It took FOREVER!! My big gripe about the instructions is that a lot of the information would be more relevant if it was printed somewhere on the box.  You could fork out £12 for a box of this stuff and only realise that it is unsuitable for you once you get home and crack it open.   
Once the instructions had been read (several times over) I started the application.  Part A and B have to be mixed together and applied to the hair at lightning speed to ensure the product works as well as it can.  The longer it has been mixed the more the strength of it decreases.  After ensuring all of my hair had received an even coating I waited for 20 minutes.
Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover-2
Now the instructions say that you must ensure that the room you sit in whilst the product works on your hair is not cold and be completely free from draughts.  I wasn’t taking any chances here so I wrapped a bit of cling film on my head (even though the instructions don’t tell you to do so) and sat in a room with the fire on full blast. This section of the process was especially fun as it was already a really hot day.
After the 20 minutes is up you have to rinse your hair in warm water for 10 minutes.  These 10 minutes felt like the longest 10 minutes of my entire life.  This is a vital step though so don’t skimp on time just to try and get it done faster.  The rinsing process flushes the colour molecules from your hair and if you don’t wait long enough you may not get the best result.  
You’d think that if the colour molecules were being ‘dispatched’ then the water would be running black.  Wrong.  I was thinking at this stage that it wasn’t working…such is the mysterious way of Colour B4.  I think a bit of Hogwarts style magic may be involved in the process.
After your 10 minutes epic rinse you have to apply Part C (the Buffer), lather up, leave for a minute and then rinse for another 5 minutes.  Once your 5 minutes are up then you apply Part C again and lather up and rinse away as you would do with a normal shampoo.
And you’re done! HOORAH!!!!
So here are the customary before and after pics…if you skipped straight to this section then shame on you!
Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover-3
Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover-4
Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover-5
As you can probably see, there is a HUGE difference.  My hair has gone from blacky/brown to a medium coppery brown with one application.  The colour I have been left with is pretty much my natural shade (which I haven’t seen for 12 years) with a slight coppery tinge to it. What do you think?  I quite like it. 
So…on to to my overall opinion of Colour B4.  For me it did exactly what it said it would do on the box. There have been a lot of mixed reviews of it varying from ‘fantasic’ to ‘didn’t work at all’.  I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the condition of your hair, what dye you’ve used on it or even how accurately you follow the instructions.  All I can say that is it worked really well for me.  There are a few minor issues I have with it (stinks to high heaven and the instructions could be a lot clearer) but overall this gets a thumbs up from me.  If you guys have any questions just leave me a comment below.
I’d be really interested to hear how you guys have got on with Colour B4 if you’ve used it.  Did it work on your hair or was it a complete waste of time.

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