Colors to Dye Your Hair with this Fall

Along with the changing of the leaves’ colors, a lot of women like to change their hair. Fall is always a good excuse to dye your hair a new color. I know most women want to go darker for fall and winter but it doesn’t always have to be the case, especially if your skin color doesn’t go very well with dark hair colors. If you’re looking for ideas on what hue to get your hair into this season, check out these colors to dye your hair with this fall and get inspired.

  • Bronde – blonde is such a light color which is why it’s not something you would usually wear for the colder months but for those of you out there who just can’t get enough of this classic color, a really fun way to switch it up a little but still get the color on your locks is to go bronde. Bronde, basically, just is brunette and blonde together. You can achieve the color by getting darker, richer and browner highlights and lowlights while keeping your base blonde or the other way around, depending on what color you want to look more dominant.

signature bronde hair

dark bronde hair color gorgeous fall bronde

  • Ginger red – gingers always have that nice, warm and cozy look about them and it mostly comes from the warmth of their hair color. If you’re looking for a more adventurous color to sport this fall, try going ginger red. It’s the perfect autumn color but it can be a little tricky to maintain so make sure to get as much info about post-dyeing hair care tips from your stylist.

fiery red hair pretty redhead haur stunning ginger red hair

  • Sombre – ombres are so last year but if you haven’t had enough of it yet and don’t want to look like you’re stuck up on the trend, going somber is your best bet. Now, what is sombre, you ask? Sombre simply means ‘subtle ombre’ and this will give your hair just that natural graduating look in its colors. Since you’ll need to be a little more precise about the placement of highlights and lowlights for a sombre, I would strongly recommend you have it done by a pro.

light and dark sombre perfect fall sombre rihanna sombre hair

  • Dark choco – whoever said blondes always get the most fun must not have tried going brunette yet. Dark chocolatey brunette colors are perfect for fall because they’re warm and they bring out the glow in you, making you look more radiant.

dark brown hair lea michele dark choco hair shiny brown hair

  • Jet black – another really dark color to go for this fall is jet black. Jet black always has that nice, sleek and chic look to it. It’s something that you can rely on to give you that effortlessly classy look. If you’re afraid of your pale skin looking too stark against black hair, you can opt to have brown highlights added to somewhat lighten the overall look.

jet black hair katy perry black hair very black hair


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