Colorful Leather Pieces to Make You Stand Out

Leather outfits and accessories are must-haves for every girl. However, most ladies only opt for the ‘traditional’ colors of black and brown. If you love leather – and if you want to stand out – then make sure to get these colorful leather pieces for your wardrobe.

Funky Leather Jacket

When the word ‘leather’ comes to mind, the first thing that pops out is the classic black leather jacket. But if you want to inject a dash of color into your outfit, swap your black/brown leather jackets for a more vibrant one. Take cue from the stylistic Jamie Chung, who used a textured green leather jacket with her pretty outfit.

green leather jacket

blue leather jacket peach leather jacket

Sexy Leather Pants

Leather pants are undoubtedly sultry. However, the usual black leather pants can be too ‘safe’ for words. If you want to go out of the box, then sashay around town in colorful leather pants. Like the lady below, a hot pair of leather pants (in ravishing red, of course) can make you look sexy – even with a conservative outfit.

red leather pants blue leather pants

Dashing Leather Skirt

If you want a leather piece that looks girly, then choose a dashing leather skirt. A beautiful color will make your boring work dress a glamorous one. Just look at Alexa Chung, who upped the fashion volume with her skimpy maroon leather dress.

maroon leather skirt green leather skirt

Vibrant Leather Dress

A black leather dress, while sexy, can be too ‘dominatrix.’ If you want to soften up your image – and look bubbly as well – then go for a vibrant leather dress. Kerry Washington (aka Olivia Pope) sashayed the red carpets in a red, hot leather dress, so why shouldn’t you?

red leather dress blue leather dress

Fun Leather Bag

If you want to channel a hippie, boho or western look, then add a colorful leather bag into the mix. A good example is the yellow leather bag shown below. It definitely adds a pop of color to the wearer’s funky leather-centered outfit.

yellow leather bag blue leather bag

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