Color Blocking Outfit Ideas

The color blocking trend has been around for a while now and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of and seen it at least once, be it on the runway, in magazines, on your favorite celebs or maybe on that one really fashion forward friend of yours. In case you have no idea what color blocking is, though, let me briefly tell you about it. Color blocking, as the name suggests, is simply wearing multiple blocks of colors in one piece or outfit. Often, the colors worn are in contrast with one another but you can totally do cohesive colors, too. Here are some color blocking outfit ideas you can try out for your next outfit.

  • Pink lemonade – if you’re game with trying out fun new color combos, try pairing pink with yellow. It may sound like a really unconventional color combo but, trust me, it works. It’s actually a really refreshing combo that’s perfect for beating the summer heat.

summer color blocking outfit

fresh retro inspired look cute pink and yellow outfit

  • Treasured gems – for an outfit that features the most gorgeous, most precious-looking colors, simply wear an outfit with only jewel tones like sapphire blue, emerald green, ruby red or yellow topaz. It would also help if you could wear these colors on fabrics with a bit of a sheen to it like silk. With these color blocking combo, you’re sure to get a look that’s not too soft yet also not too loud and bold.

posh color blocking gorgeous color block outfit jewel toned color block gown

  • Paradise chic – I’ve always loved the sight of sunsets, especially at the beach. The colors are just so warm and cozy. To get that warm and peaceful paradise feel on your look, you can try wearing the colors you associate with it together in one outfit. I personally like color blocking with pink and orange with hints of yellow and/or purple because these are the colors I love most about sunsets in paradise.

warm paradise colors cute and warm colors jewel tones street style color blocking

  • Snow White inspired – looking for a cute theme to rock? Stay true to your girly side by choosing a fairytale theme but don’t limit yourself to just feminine pieces. For example, you can pick Snow White as your outfit theme but you don’t have to wear a gown or a dress. Simply mix and match red, blue and yellow pieces together and feel free to wear more mod pieces like jeans and whatnot.

cute red blue and yellow color blocking a la cinderella cinderella colors

  • Classic and basic – one can never go wrong with black and white so if you’re new to color blocking and still aren’t sure about what colors to mix and match, you can start with a simple two-toned basic which is black and white. This color blocking combo works so well for many different looks so it makes a great go-to combo as well.

elegant bnw color blocking classy bnw outfit calssic color block

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to wear all the colors in each theme to get the look. You can add a color in some that you think looks and feels right to you or you can take away a color or two if you feel that you have too much going on.

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