Collective Haul: KK Center, Ben Nye, Human Nature Review

Hi, it’s been a while since my last post. Sorry, if I can’t post daily since my baby and my hubby keeps on nagging me not to hold my lappy for long. I’m really spending more of my time with my baby since she’s really growing up and learning many new words. Her vocabulary expands rapidly and she’s able to form a variety of simple sentences with three or four words. I need to seriously guide her because she can really imitate words from adults, and it doesn’t help that my Yaya has an accent. And, now my baby pronounces “MILK” as “MELK”? “Building as Belding”?! Wish I can find a Yaya with a British accent, and I’ll worry no more. LOL
I’m now struggling to correct that. Now, I’m teaching my baby and Yaya at the same time. Children practice what they hear. And my baby can understand that words have meaning and she already developed a sense of how words fit together. So, now is the time that I really need to listen attentively with interest to what she says and, support and love her effort to speak.
Okay, I hope I didn’t bore you with my small mommy talk.

So, I’ve been doing a little online shopping lately just to keep myself sane. I have accumulated some little stuff that gives me priceless joys and outlet in life. LOL
collective haul
My Collective Haul from: The Style Quarter; KK Center HK; ebay; Rockwell
2 Lorac & human nature prods
I would’ve never given LORAC a chance; until Ms. Ritchelle sent me one for a product Review and one for giveaway. I didn’t know what I am missing until I tried it. I’m genuinely impressed with Lorac’s creamy and well milled texture, it doesn’t flake at all! Though, I’ll have to hang you in a bit and I’ll show you my in-dept review for this one and an FOTD.
3 benye
Another fabulous Product from ben Nye brought to you by Ms. Ritchele of The Style Quarter. I finally found a perfect brow pencil color for an affordable price of PHP 380.
4 eyebrow pencil comparison
For Comparison
I love the taupe color- it’s extremely versatile and has a great natural shade for my dark brows and my NC20 skintone. It has no reddish tones, and it’s not too grey, just a good neutral taupe that I am looking for so long. It glides on smoothly and does not crumble on the brow!

Vey Pigmented and smooth enough to create the short strokes needed to fill in, without tugging the skin just to show its color. The pencils are top quality – it is long lasting AND inexpensive!

Unlike the other brow pencils they are in 7” long and they sharpen up very well!
I heart Human Nature!
Hand & Foot Salve in Eucalyptus human nature
Hand & Foot Salve in Eucalyptus
I fell in love with this product after trying it. It was not greasy and was more absorbent compared to hand or foot creams that I’ve tried before. Knowing that this product is all natural, it puts me at ease to use it knowing that it won’t have harmful effects to me and my baby~ as you all know I still breastfeed my toddler.
“The product is 100% non-harmful and non-toxic. They only use the natural ingredients, such as: beeswax, vegetable-derived alcohol, food grade emulsifier, goat’s milk powder, purified water, carrot oil, bee propolis, natural vitamin E, carrot extract, calendula extract, eucalyptus fragrance oil. Carrots and bee propolis contain the strongest antioxidant properties which is absolutely good for the nourishment of our skin and the whole body.”

I love its thick consistency that has a softening, and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin. I apply this salve to soften the dryness of my hands, elbows, knees and some cracked heels.

More so, the eucalyptus scent makes you feel relax and calm! It can seriously relieve the muscle stress with its minty and cooling sensation.

This really works for me. And I love how affordable it is!

The best thing about Human Heart Nature is that all their products are 100% made and manufactured in the Philippines. They promote locally farm grown organic, natural ingredients and biodegrade-able materials that is Healthy for our environment, and EFFECTIVE for our skin.

5 human nature lip blm
I love my Eos Organic Lip Balm because of the super cuute packaging and how it moisturizes my lips. But when I found out that there’s Human Nature organic Lip Balm in peppermint at an affordable price of PHP59.75 (approx $1).  I didn’t think twice and bought it to try. Human Nature Lip Balms are packed with antioxidants, bee propolis that protects our lips while beeswax keeps the moisture locked in our lips. This lip balm also contains calendula extract that comes from pot marigolds for natural sun protection.
Isn’t it awesome?
I honestly love the texture; it glides on smoothly and does its job well in moisturizing my dry chapped lips. No Plasticky smell too! The minty feel is not so overwhelming but you can really feel the minty sensation. It’s super light and small to keep in any purse. Effective yet so affordable! I can say it again. LOL
Here are some of my accessory haul from Rockwell
Then, I’ve got 2 pairs of oversized earrings from WhatAboutSuzy, Rockwell Makati for PHP150 each (approx $4) I love those exaggerated and interesting shapes~ they would definitely frame and give full attention to your face and jawbone. I also got some feather earrings for PHP 100 only (approx $2).
6  KKcenterHK lashes
And these arrived today from KKcenterHK. Super Fast Shipping!
7 lotions and sanitizers haul
And Here are my recent Haul from Ebay, borntoshop- my favorite seller for authentic BBWSanitizers, and Victoria’s Secret lotions. Lovely scents!
And to top it all..
I finally received my Sigma E25 from winning Nadj of’s giveaway last month!
Hurrah =)
 Please Don’t forget to drop some love and visit her interesting site.
Simple pleasures…
8 hello gorgeos brush
That’s it..
Hope you like..
Thanks for reading!

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