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Coconut Milk – Organix Hair Review

Coconut milk – Organix Hair Review:

Hello friends!

Summer is finally here! I’ve just come back from Darwin and Indonesia for three weeks and this Organix Coconut Milk Collection is really getting me in the mood for having some sunshiney summer fun.


I really like this brand. I’ve used the Cherry Ginseng Blossom Collection before and I really loved it. There are so many reasons to love this brand but I think the website says it best.

“Organix is for all of us who aspire to make better choices and are more aware of the integrity of ingredients. Organix formulas contain organic active ingredients… plus, they smell absolutely incredible!”

Mmmmm…and yes…this product smells GOOD. Actually, it reminds me of the smell of the Butter London Cuticle Oil that I reviewed recently. Quite obvious, really, since they both have coconut in them. This stuff makes showering a truly pleasant experience which takes the edge of the fact that I am really grumpy for about an hour whenever I wake up. I also walk around with my hair down all day and I can smell my hair which is nice.

More from the website about the Coconut Milk Collection

“Why We Love It…
It’s like a trip to the tropics in a bottle.

Why You Want It…
The luxuriously creamy, foaming, hydrating formula leaves your hair feeling clean, glowing, softly scented and super soft.

What’s In It For You…
Organic coconut milk and ultra whipped egg white proteins along with weightless coconut oil to hydrate and nourish your hair as gentle cleansers wash away impurities.

What’s it in…
Organix® bottles are eco-friendly, manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin. All labels are printed utilizing environmental inks and compostable label film made from annually renewable resource corn, not from petrochemicals.”

I have been growing my hair out for the past 3 or 4 years. Every time I start getting it kinda long like an idiot I get bored and go chop it all off again. I’ve been really good though for the past year and I can tie it up in a ponytail now. What’s important to me though, because I’m growing it out is that my hair stays healthy. I get really dry ends so I always use a leave-in product to help protect my hair from breakage.

I spray the Leave-In Nourishing Milk all over my hair and then I put a small amount of the Anti-Breakage Serum through my ends. I really have noticed the difference. If I run my hands through my ends they feel a lot more silky than before where they would always tangle a bit.

Also, because I coloured my hair red, a colour that has a reputation for fading faster than other colours, I have developed a paranoia about which shampoos I use on my hair. Thankfully this shampoo is also safe for colour-treated hair.

So this will be the shampoo I take with me on holiday to keep me in good spirits for the summer!