Coco Rocha: Fashionable Tricks to Style the Bump

Pregnancy is probably the most memorable and happiest moment in the life of every woman when they feel most feminine and fragile. Mastering some maternity fashion tips and figuring out what to wear during the period of pregnancy can make expectant women even more beautiful during those nine months. So, let’s have an inspiration in styling your bump to preserve your stylish and statement-making looks throughout the rest of the months to come!

A Canadian supermodel, Coco Rocha is known for her high fashion styles, simple but stylish off-duty looks, and recently, fashionable ways of styling her bump through maternity clothes choices. She proves that being pregnant for months is not an excuse for skipping your personal style. In her personal style blog, Oh So Coco, she shares her thoughts, adventures, dreams, and maternity fashion styles.

Speaking of maternity clothes, we surely never mean slouchy and unflattering pieces, which hide your figure and worst, give you a square shape. Today, fashion offers a wide range of stylish and comfortable clothing pieces for various preferences and style choices. During pregnancy, you must also figure out your own personal style and always go for ensembles that make you confident and comfortable.

black and white blazer

black dress in fur black dress black jumpsuit white and black dress

The bigger the baby bump gets, the more pregnant women want to look slimmer. Darker color shades will give you lots of advantage, as they have a tendency to make you visually slimmer. However, just try not to look boring and monotonous by mixing different shades with some prints and patterns. Only do not forget to keep the top part solid, keeping the bottom much brighter. As for the dresses, think shades like black, gray, burgundy, brown or forest green incorporating a pop of color through feminine accessories. Still, if you feel confident in your bump, you are always welcome to pick lighter shades of the dresses. Generally, A-line dresses are the best styles which nicely flow away from the belly and don’t make you look bigger.

black blazer fur blazer long coat metallic blazer coco rocha red suit

It’s always fun mixing styles and layering to show off your creativity. Though you may not hide your bump totally, the outlines and panels make your shape in proportion. Like Coco, you may opt for stylish blazers, coats, and fur to draw the attention away from your bump.

peplum jacket ruffled top in skinny jeans

If you really like to wear skirts or trousers, opt for peplum styled top such as jackets and blouses to complement your bump in a flattering way. Also, you may opt for ruffled shirts, loose but stylish tops to fit with your pants. By this, you’re playing with the optical illusion created by your styling. Skirts and pants for pregnant women could be in a high waist, as this not only provides support to your bump but also protects your baby bump from the wind.

black printed jumpsuit colorful blazer detailed prints mini dress printed top

Also, you may add some fun to your style by wearing busy prints like Coco. You may opt for a printed top, head-to-toe prints, jumpsuits, suits, dresses, and even blazers and shorts. Also, wearing jeans, tee, and sneakers are a cool look too. Just opt for a loose white shirt and ripped jeans and be sporty cool like Coco.

sporty look

From elegant and classy looks to chic and sporty options, all the possible styles are also for expectant women. So embracing various looks on various occasions, looking stylish and creative every time regardless of your changed figure is highly recommended. So just have pleasure in those nine months with a perfect style that is all about your happiness and individuality!


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