Closet Organization Tips for a Fabulous Winter Season

A stuffed closet not only make getting ready every morning too time-consuming but also, makes your sweaters, slacks, and scarves wrinkled every time. If you’re looking for ways to fix your small closet dilemma and start the winter season right, keep on reading for our simple closet organization tips.

Get rid of old and worn-out clothing.

backless top with skinny jeans

sporty mesh top with skinny jeans sexy crop top with jacket and midi skirt

Whether your old clothes no longer fit, or just don’t match your taste these days, clearing them out can save lots of space in your closet. However, if the item is extremely worn, it should probably go in the trash, though there are many eco-related projects that can transform old clothes into something beautiful and functional.

Properly store your summer clothes.

bandeau top with buttoned slit skirt preppy blouse with accordion skirt floral print dress with band jacket

Fitting both winter and summer wardrobes into the same closet space may seem impossible, so rotate your wardrobe seasonally. Before packing all your summer clothes away, think first if you can wear them in the winter months with heavier layers so you’ll extend your wardrobe strategically. Since summer clothes are made of lighter material they can be easily damaged. Hang delicates to decrease the chances of wrinkling and separate items that can easily be tangled, such as lace. Fold the rest of your summer clothes and place them in storage bins to avoid moisture or severe temperatures damage your clothing.

Care for your current wardrobe.

leather shorts with black tights and winter jacket leopard print sweater with leggings and button down shirt leather trousers with sweater and navy coat

When it comes to properly washing, hanging and storing clothing, misconceptions abound. One thing to remember is never hang your knitted clothing as it will only stretch them out and cause the garment to lose the integrity of its shape. Also, do not put coats through the wash and make sure that they are dry-cleaned only. You may think of storing larger coats and overcoats in an entryway closet to free up space in your bedroom closet for other articles of clothing. If you think leather shorts are great only for the fall months, be inspired by fashion blogger Blair Eadie’s outfit wearing leather shorts with black tights and leather jacket that looked just perfect for the winter season.

Be creative with your winter outfit combinations.

pastel outfit with yellow coat gray coat with neon yellow dress floral print coat with rainboots

Though winter season is known for heavy layers and dark palette, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright colors and fun prints. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, think of a floral print coat that will add some spring vibe to your winter looks, or a neon yellow coat that will look trendy with pastel pink outfit. Or like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, bring it on with neon colored dress that will look just perfect with a gray coat for daytime, balancing its strong color. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to get a streamlined style and organized closet that will make your winter months fabulous.

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