Clip-n-Go Hair Dynasty 100% Human Hair Extensions by Estetica Designs Review

Hello Everyone here is my Clip-n-Go Hair Dynasty 100% Human Hair Extensions by Estetica Designs Review!
Last week I tweeted that I had finally picked up a set of hair extensions, and I had gotten a lot of questions about them. Today I wanted to bring you a full review on the extensions, as well as why I decided to purchase them, how I went about it, and my general thoughts!
Enjoy, and please leave any comments or questions below!
Why I Opted For Extensions:
As many of you already know, I am getting married in this year, and I totally have this image in my head of the perfect hair style to match my dress. A few months ago I had some sort of bright idea to chop my hair, and so I did.
1 Picture of me and him
This was the end result, I am pretty sure I cut about 4-5 inches off, which isn’t a ton but it definitely was not a bright idea to do when my hair grows very slowly.
On top of having somewhat short-medium length hair, my hair is also very silky and fine, so it tends to not hold a curl well and it doesn’t always look very voluminous. All of this adds up to a perfect reason to go on the hunt for extensions.
The Extensions I Chose & How I Found Them
2 the extension
Luckily, I am a nanny for a family full of hair dressers! I talked with my boss about my options for hair extensions and she suggested I go to this little haircare boutique near me (It’s local, but you can find these online at, or any hair store that sells extensions, they are a widely known brand). I chose clip ins, because they will not damage your hair, they add a multitude of length and volume, and you can always go back to your shorter hair if you want! They also don’t itch or irritate your scalp like most weaves or glue in extensions.
When I went to the boutique, the manager suggested the “Clip-n-Go Hair Dynasty 100% Human Hair” Extensions by Estetica Designs. These extensions are 100% Remi Human Hair, which is the best that you will find on the market. They are amazing quality, and you get so much product for the price that you will pay.

3 the extension i choose
4  Extension closer look
The extensions come packaged very nicely inside this box, mine are taken out of the pretty ribbon, but you get the idea. Inside the box there are 8 different size wefts of hair. A weft is just a piece that you put into your hair. They also come with two sample size wefts that do not have clips on them. These are like your back ups, if you need extra or if you ruin one of your pieces, you have these. You will have to buy new clips however and sew them in yourself, or get them done at a store.
The weft sizes go as follows:
One 8” Weft (3 clips)
One 7” Weft (3 clips)
Two 6” Wefts (2 clips, shown above)
Four 1.5” Wefts (1 clip)
The 8, 7 and 6 inch wefts go across the back of your head, and the 1.5 inch wefts go on the side of your head!
Also inside the box are several information cards, one telling you exactly how to put in the extensions and what size wefts go where. For example, the 6 inch wefts go at the very bottom of your hair near the nape.
The information cards also ensure you that these extensions are 100% Superior Human Hair in the same cuticle direction. It is the finest remi hair available on the market, no harsh chemicals or artificial coating on the hair which virtually eliminates matting and tangling.
5 me with the extensions
Above is a shot of me with the extensions in, you can see that they add a lot of length and volume compared to my previous hair above.
To care for the extensions, you simply just shampoo and condition as normal, and lay them flat to air dry!
  • The hair is amazing quality, it’s softer than mine!
  •  The clips are made of silicone so there is no slipping or ripping of your own hair when using the extensions.
  • You get a lot of wefts for what you pay
  • The color matching is very easy, they have a wide variety of shades
  • You can’t notice the clips even with fine hair like mine, they are the same color as the hair so they blend in well.
  • They have no artificial coatings or chemicals, so they are 100% safe to curl, flat iron, shampoo and condition.
  • This isn’t an incredibly big deal for me, because they are for a special occasion and I expected that quality came with a price tag. The price of these will run you almost $200, which is affordable when considering extensions, but can still break the bank.
  • I have always been amazing with makeup, but not so much hair. It takes me awhile to get the extensions in, and it can be a little difficult if you don’t have a good mirror set up to see what you are doing in the back of your head.

    Now that you have heard it all, I hope that this helped you in your search. These general ideas can apply to any 100% Remi Human Hair extensions, no matter the brand.
    I did purchase these with my own money, they were not sent to me for free or anything like that! All of these opinions are my own.
    If you are interested in these extensions, like I mentioned above you can find them and other pieces at, or at local hair boutiques.
    If you are curious, the ones that I purchased are the style “REMI CNGSLEEK14” and they are in the color R8.
    Have a wonderful day 😉

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