Clinique Take The Day Off Review

Hi junkies here is my Clinique Take The Day Off Review!

So this is the first post in a new series I’m doing here on the blog – I couldn’t think of a good name, but essentially all 4 products have one thing in common.

They’re clear. Colourless. Water-like, if you will. And they just might change your life.

First up: My go-to makeup remover. Clinique Take The Day Off.


Take-The-Day-Off-by-Clinique Take-The-Day-Off-by-Clinique-review

Here’s what it claims to do: Totally tugless, two-way makeup remover speeds the departure of hard-to-remove eye and lip makeups. Dissolves and “lifts away” long-wearing makeup, even waterproof mascara. Non-irritating, non-stinging. Ophthalmologist Tested. Appropriate for contact lens wearers.

And here is how they suggest you use it:
Shake well before using.
Saturate cotton ball with remover.
Cleanse one eye area at a time. Apply to eye area and hold for several seconds, then wipe with downward strokes.
Repeat using fresh cotton ball if necessary.
Use a new saturated cotton ball or tissue for lipstick removal.
Rinse with cool water.

So what do I think?
I’ve tried a lot of makeup removers (Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, Lancome Bi-Facil and YSL Eye Makeup Remover more recently) and I have to be honest – Clinique hasn’t been the best. I actually found the Sephora makeup remover to be the best.

However, the Sephora one isn’t available here in Australia and I can’t justify all the drama that goes with organising an order. So out of what’s actually available to me, here, at this time, Clinique Take The Day Off is the best.

I just find that if I follow their suggested directions (except for using a new cotton ball for each eye, pft) then it’s the best product to get my eye makeup off with the least fuss.

Lancome Bi-Facil to me, was too much rubbing and fussing around – I find that the Clinique is just a few easy swipes and it’s all gone.

Clinique Take The Day Off is $35 in Australia, however I bought a pack of 2 travel-sized bottles from StrawberryNet for $14.50. They don’t have the 2-packs anymore, but you can still get 1 travel size for $10, or a full size for $23.50.

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