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Clinique compact extreme volume mascara and Chanel le vernis 563 vertigo

Going Gets Tough, The Tough Goes Shopping. Here is my beauty buys : Clinique compact extreme volume mascara ,  Chanel le vernis  563 vertigo and the ring!Clinique compact extreme volume mascara ,  Chanel le vernis  563 vertigo

The school summer hols are as good as over and freedom is almost in sight. Don’t get me wrong, I love having Lily around and the fun stuff it involves, but juggling it all has been tough for the past six weeks.

And… when the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping. Now, if that isn’t a motto to live life by I don’t know what is!    

Going Gets Tough, The Tough Goes Shopping 1

Nevertheless, after spending a bit of a manic morning at Sea Life yesterday, I treated myself to a trip to Selfridges, which conveniently, just so happened to be within walking distance from the sharks. What a coincidence, hey?

While browsing the bags (note the word, browse!) I stumbled across the ‘new’ designer section and spotted this studded beauty amongst Rachael Ruddick’s accessories.  Not a brand I’ve ever heard of before, but boy does she do some nice (and affordable) bits.

I couldn’t resist this ring, you know how I am with anything gold and studded. I HAVE to have it!

shopping haul ring

It also really reminded me of a pricier version I’d seen yonks ago by Daisy Knights which I absolutely loved but couldn’t justify. It’s almost identical in fact, but three times more expensive, take a look(link). Anyway, I highly recommend Rachael’s Prism version (link). LOVE it!

Two beauty bits also caught my eye, and despite not being able to tell you much about them yet, I can show you a sneak peak of my purchases. 

Clinique compact extreme volume mascara ,  Chanel le vernis  563 vertigo :

Clinique compact extreme volume mascara ,  Chanel le vernis  563 vertigo

Although, strictly speaking I didn’t need yet another mascara in my collection, I couldn’t resist buying Cliniques latest lash lengthener. I’ve heard great things about this one and it looks pretty similar to MaxFactor’s False Lash Effect (a fave) so I figured I’d give it a go.

On first impressions, it’s nice, very nice. It’s the end of the day now and my lashes still look amazingly doll like, Clinique may be on to a winner with this one.

You can’t beat Chanel A/W shades; they always come out with the most sumptuous, covetable collection of varnishes, and this year’s Vertigo is one of them. A muddled mixture of almost black burgundy/plum/grey tones made this polish a must buy for me.

I literally CANNOT wait to rip my gel nails off to try this on and show you guys.

When the going gets tough, does your tough get shopping too?