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Clearasil Perfecta Wash Automatic Dispenser Review

I am back now with a rather unusual gadget that I received in the post a few weeks ago. I have been trying it out for a while and there has been a few reviews of this product slowly emerging all over the internet and I think it will soon be one of those must have products of next year!

1 Clearasil Perfecta Wash Automatic Dispenser

This is an automatic face wash dispenser by Clearasil a brand that I have used before in my earliest teenage years and I have only just started using their products again. I have become a bit of a product snob recently and turned a blind eye at drugstore skincare but I recently started using their face washes again and absolutely loved them and this new product by them has completely won me over.

Most of you will be familiar with Clearasil, they cater their products towards teens who suffer with spots/acne. I have never suffered with acne but I do get the odd spot now and again. Clearasil aims to try and get rid of spots as well as preventing them but the ingredients are pretty strong so if you have dry or sensitive skin I’d be careful when using Clearasil products.

This product however didn’t leave my skin too stripped and dry and it foamed very nicely which gave my skin a good clean, leaving it feeling smooth and fresh. This can be used in the morning and evening, It will remove makeup too but it absolutely stings your eyes if you happen to get some in there. I was running around my bathroom like a headless chicken scrounging for a cloth to get it out of my eyes so i wouldn’t recommend it for removing eye makeup. In a matter of hours I noticed that the spots on my chin were starting to dry up and shrink like magic! I am very impressed with how this product works because I had those annoying under the skin spots too and they seem to have shrunk.

The face wash that I have smells quite fruity but they also have another face wash which smells of plants so they don’t smell chemically like some of their previous products.

The actual dispenser is quite sleek and it looks great in my bathroom, this is the first automatic dispenser that I have seen for the face and it is completely hands free but make sure you warn people that it isnt a hand wash dispenser! You simply just switch it on, put your hand under what resembles a tap and it will distribute the perfect amount of product. The bottles are replaceable and you can just buy a new one each time you run out, you don’t have to buy a new dispenser and each bottle dispenses 100 doses of product. 

2  clearasil dispenser with face wash

The Clearasil Perfecta Wash system will retail for £12.99 and it will come with the dispenser and face wash, I’m not sure on the price of the individual refill bottles. 

It is available  from Superdrug!

What do you think of this way of washing your face, too gimmicky or will you be getting your hands on this product next year? I’m definitely repurchasing refills!